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Genres of Writing

No description

Rianna Amolsch

on 28 July 2015

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Transcript of Genres of Writing

Examples of genres and their purposes:
Novels-To describe and relate stories
Textbooks-To inform
Newspapers-To inform
Journals-To reflect
Scholarly journals-To present information or research findings
Magazines-To entertain/sell products
Personal letter-To communicate
Academic essay-To explain or persuade
A genre indicates a particular form of writing or a specific type of text. For example, novels are a genre of writing, and they take the form of longer prose. They also have sub-genres like fiction and nonfiction. Every genre of writing has a unique form and purpose suited to a specific kind of reader.
A Type of Text
The Modes Defined
: A description of a past event in the form of a story.
: A detailed explanation of a person, place, thing, or event.
: An analysis comparing or contrasting two items or ideas with the purpose of evaluating their worth.
: A unique and personal definition of a familiar concept or an idea of your own invention.
a dictionary definition
: A summary of a scholarly article, including an analysis of what it means, and a response that says what you think about it.
: An in-depth description of a problem and a proposal for a feasible solution.
: A detailed and researched explanation of an issue that includes your position about the issue and reasons and evidence to support your point of view.

What's Ahead
For the most part, the genre of your writing in this class will be academic essays. As we move forward, I will provide you with specific information about the characteristics and conventions of the modes of writing you will be using. You will have the ability to incorporate your own personal style as well. Just remember: you must determine your purpose for writing. Once you know your purpose, you must imagine your audience and choose the appropriate tone to suit your purpose.
Various Modes
Modes of writing
( also known as modes of discourse) describe the various approaches you can take in writing. These approaches include different conventions and characteristics that impact their tone, the type of information they include, and the nature and extent of the details you use.
Since each genre of writing has its own unique purpose, you will need to determine which mode to choose to achieve that purpose.

Some common modes of writing include
, and

In this class, you will be writing three essays, one in each of the following modes:
, and
Different Modes for Different Purposes
Genres of Writing
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