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Welcome to 2nd Grade With Miss Carlson

No description

Taylor Carlson

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to 2nd Grade With Miss Carlson

What are you learning this year?
Ms. Carlson
Fifth Grade!
For Our First Day of School...
Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
Be a problem solver.
Today's Agenda
Respect your classmates, your school, and yourself.
Rewards & Consequences
Walk in quietly! Do NOT distract others.
Hand me your tardy slip from the office.
Do not disturb the class while walking to your seat.
Quickly eat your breakfast.
Take your assigned seat and join activity in progress.
Late to Class?
Homework is due at the beginning of class.
Every week we will have an assigned paper collector whose name will be posted on the front board.
I will tell you when to have papers out. If your paper is not ready when the paper collector comes by, it is late - No exceptions.
We will discuss late assignments in the future.
Turning in Assignments
1. Verbal warning
2. Student/Teacher conference
3. Parental notification via email, phone, or letter.
4. Parent/Teacher Conference
5. Office Referral

Getting your Attention:
What I expect: Mouths closed, Hands free, Eyes on speaker, All ears listening, Be still.
How I will get everyone's attention:
Raise my hand / "Give me 5".
"Put your hands in the air like you just don't care."
Count down from 5.
"Class, class, class" - "Yes, yes, yes"
Rhythmic clap.
"1-2-3 Eyes on me" - "1-2 Eyes on you"
Classroom Procedures
Help keep the classroom clean and safe.
Late to Class?
1st Tardy - Verbal Warning
2nd Tardy - Parent Contact
3rd Tardy - 15 Minute after school detention on Fridays
How to
You learn rules for how to
Understanding of
You learn to read better by recognizing

How to use a
Graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University - Fort Myers, Florida
Born in Annapolis, Maryland
Grew up in
Dunedin, Florida
Daisy my golden retriever
Who is Ms. Carlson?
What are my Rules?
What procedures will we follow?
What are Rewards & Consequences for our actions?
What will we learn this year?
Enter immediately, no lingering in the hallway.
Enter the classroom quietly and with a smile.
Turn on computers.
Carefully take down your chair.
Make sure every seat has a chair.
Get materials for class.
(Books and a
Sharpened Pencil!!!!
How to Enter the Classroom
Getting to Work Immediately
After entering the classroom:
Take homework out.
Copy down the agenda.
Copy down your homework.
Be ready for math facts.
Take a book out and read before announcements.
How to Head Your Papers
In the top
corner of your paper include:

Sally Sue
November 11th 2016
Math Page: 11
3rd- Assignment Information
2nd- The Date
1st- First Name and Last Name
Example Heading
Non-Verbal Cues for the Classroom
1 Finger in the air: Need Water
2 Fingers in the air: Need Bathroom.
3 Fingers in the air: Need Tissue
If you need a new pencil: Raise your pencil in the air.

If I want you to go, I will respond with a "thumbs up".
If I want you to wait, I will respond with a "stop" (Palm)
If You Need to Use the Restroom
-Put two fingers in the air.
-I will respond with my non-verbal cues.
When going to the restroom:
Do NOT distract others on your way out. - Find the clearest path.
Sign out to go to the bathroom.
Go directly to the restroom. (Make a mess? CLEAN IT UP!)
When returning, close the door quietly.
Return directly to your seat and continue working.
How to Walk in the Hallway
Single, Straight, Silent, Smiling, Scholarly.
My hands are hanging by my side.
I'm standing straight and tall.
My eyes are looking straight ahead.
I'm ready for the hall!
-Line up by your assigned positions.
-Hands to your side.
-Mouths are closed
-Eyes are ahead.
-Walking not running.
At the End of the Day
-I will dismiss you, not the bell.
-The whole class must be quietly seated before I will dismiss you.
-When you get up to leave, safely and quietly place your chair at the back of the room.
-Turn off computers.
-Safety patrols: Check in before leaving.
-Clean up the room. Nothing left on desk.
Procedures We Will
Learn Later
o What if Ms. Carlson is absent?
o How to check out classroom materials/library?
o Classroom jobs
o Keeping your desk orderly
o Responding to emergencies
o When visitors are in the classroom
o If you are suddenly ill

-Being on task will earn you a ticket for the class store.
-Student of the Week.
-Positive Referral
-Seat selection
-Lunch Bunch
-Note Home - For great behavior, I may send home a positive note for your parents to read.
Weekly Classroom Jobs - These jobs will be determined by your positive attitudes and fabulous behaviors. Jobs include line leader, smart board clicker, assignment collector, and class game leader.
Positive Attitude?
Great Behavior?
Working Hard?
Let Me Reward You!
for Bad Behavior
Let's work together to avoid bad behaviors!
Welcome to the 2nd Grade!
Let's all work together to make this a great year!
-Miss. Carlson
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