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Powerful Questions

No description

Jenny Hegland

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Powerful Questions

Powerful Questions
Some guidelines for crafting powerful questions
A well crafted question attracts energy & focuses attention on what matters
Open ended questions are almost always better than closed (yes/no) questions
Good quesitons invite inquiry and curiosity. They do not need to promote action and problem solving immediately
You'll know a good question when it continues to surface good ideas & possibilities
Check possible questions with key people who will take part in a conversation. Does it hold their attention and energy?
A powerful question focuses attetion, intention, and energy. It:
Is simple and clear
Is thought provoking
Generates energy
Focuses inquiry
Challenges assumptions
Opens new possibilities
Opens doors into our most powerful imagination
Invites in the extraordinary
Evokes more questions
Moves you in a desired direction
This is where you come in!!!
Ask each other the questions and listen deeply to the person you're talking with.
What kind of energy did the questions generate?
How well did the questions hold your attention?
How did the questions focus inquiry?
What assumptions did the questions challenge?
What new possibilities were opened from the questions?
Did the question evoke more questions?
What values and visions for Minnesota's future did the question uncover?
Based on your experience, did the question spark a meaningful conversation?
What did we learn about these questions?
Every question shifts our focus of attention
Questions are fateful
People and human systems always move in the direction of their questions & what they study
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