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Shaun Weadick

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of Marxism

What is a Worldview?
"The ruling ideas of each age have ever been the ideas of its ruling class."
Marx and Engels
"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."
Louis Blanc, 1851
refers to a social and economic theory (based in the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels) in which society progresses through
class struggle
In a Capitalist society, we have two classes: the
(owners) and the
Marx produced some of the most scathing and lasting critiques of capitalism - especially, in Capital (1867).
He argued that capitalism would eventually be negated when the workers were provoked to rise against the bourgeoisie due to continued poor conditions and
caused by the internal
contradictions of capitalism
In other words, class conflict caused by capitalism's very nature would cause it to collapse.
As we've already noted, owners (of
means of production
) have
an interest in extracting as much
profit as possible from workers. Their
interests are fundamentally opposed -
the extraction of profit from workers by owners is called
exploitation of labour
Class Conflict
It means that workers get less in return for their work than they put in
Alienation of Labour
1. Workers are alienated from the product of labour
2. Workers are alienated from their own labour
3. Workers are alienated from themselves
they cannot access the stuff the make
they have not control over what they make
4. Workers are alienated from each other
they are separated from their creative nature
specialization and competition
Cultural Hegemony
The goal of Marxism is revolutionary change wherein the workers seize the mean of production.
The values and ideas of the
ruling class
come to inform the values and ideas of a culture as a whole.
"When a culture becomes hegemonic, it becomes “common sense” for the majority of the population."
Stephen Duncombe
Capitalism affects are common sense understandings of the the world.
Marx himself was vague about what this future would look like.......
The attempts at Communism
in the 20th century were inspired
by Marx....and,largely, failed.
Does this mean that a Socialist future is not possible?
"The American Dream"
can "make it" if they just work hard enough......
those that don't make it, failed because they didn't work hard enough
What (or who) does this protect???
What is a manifesto???
A Manifesto is a statement of intent, of purpose. It lets the reader know why a movement is happening and what it is about. (motives, intentions)
It should be compelling, moving
it can be poetic
it can be provoking
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