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Radio In The 1920's

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Sarah Al-Nazzal

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Radio In The 1920's

Radio In The 1920's
The Invention
It all started with electromagnetism and various scientists. The Italian that thought of the wireless radio invention in the 1920's is Gugliemo Marconi. He was the first to set up a commercial radio station in Toronto in 1919. Ted Rogers, a Canadian inventor of the radio, found out how to plug in a radio without any battery's needed into a household electric current in 1924-1925.
What the Radio was Used for
The use of the radio was mainly used for sending telegraphic messages using Morse Code between ships and land during WW1. It was used for entertainment such as music, sport announcing/headlines, the news, video, navigation and much more.
Antique Radio
Commercial Examples
Crystal Radio
Kinds of Radios in the 1920's
The Crystal radio was the first radio in the 1920's to be used and made. They were very popular because they were easy to make at home. Many magazines/books came with instructions to make the crystal radio
250 Watt Spark Transmitter
The 250 Watt Spark Radio allowed many manufactures like Pilots, Federal etc. go make more versions of radios. It included a peanut tube, which makes it hard to hear and its very loud.

Rogers Batteryless Reciever Model 130
It was the first radio to operate with batteries. It has 3 dials and 5 tubes that are nearly identical
First Radio Stations
People who Broadcasted

Popular Jazz Artists
Here are some popular Jazz artists that's been most played during the 1920's with their greatest hits!
Louis Armstrong: his most played/popular song that's been played is "West End Blues"
Mamie Smith: "Crazy Blues"
Bix Beiderbecke: "In a mist"
Jimmie Rodgers: "T for Texas"
Duke Ellington: "East St. Louis Toodle-oo"
There are several types of broadcasts, namely commercial broadcasting, non-commercial educational (NCE), public broadcasting and non-profit as well as community radio, student-run campus radio stations and hospital radio stations can be found everywhere around the world. AM stations were the earliest broadcasting station to be made.
The KDKA News Radio Station
This station broadcasts in Pittsburg and it was the first United States radio station in the 1920's.
The KYW News Radio Station
The KYW Radio Station was the first station to broadcast in Chicago in 1921 by the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company. But before this, they broadcasted opera 6 days a week.
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