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The Negative Effects of Body Image in the Social Media

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missy ramirez

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of The Negative Effects of Body Image in the Social Media

The Negative Effects of Social Media on Body Image

Marissa Ramirez
Ms. Mora
Senior Project Overview of Paper Specific examples of Body Image
Current actions regarding Body Image
Effects of Body Image in America The social media impacts individuals' body image. Therefore, body image is important because the media's influence can cause serious eating disorders because individuals try to attain the unrealistic images promoted through the media. Specific examples of Body Image -Photoshop Effects of Body Image in America Fieldwork -Martha Chrinos
-Gender Discussion
-Miss Representation
-Survey Connection to Fieldwork Counter Argument Fieldwork Frustrations Solutions -Show up late to practices

Future With Topic -I do not plan to continue with my topic Learning Stretch Final Thoughts Thank You -Finding transportation
-Finding actual fieldwork
-Making time Fieldwork Current Actions Regarding Body Image -Dove Campaign
-Teaching Tolerance
-Seeing full figured
People -Why I chose my topic
-Would have made more time for fieldwork -Always be judged
-Accept yourself -Change
-Benefits from realistic models -Involved women's issues Fieldwork Date started: February 25, 2013
Date completed: May 1, 2013
Total hours: 21 FACT: More than 8 million women and 1 million men suffer from eating disorders Any Questions? Survey Results Thesis Statement -Eating Disorders
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