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Globalization - The Coca-Cola company

No description

Li Sa

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Globalization - The Coca-Cola company

marketing strategy
target group
product range
global presence
working conditions

foundation: 8th May 1886 by John S. Pemberton, Atlanta
in Germany since 1929
the same formula since 1886
Frank Robinson suggests the name "Coca-Cola" (1886)
1931 Coca Cola Santa Claus appears
1961 Sprite is introduced
1991 first bottles with recycled plastic
2005 Coca Cola Zero is introduced

working conditions
Coca-Cola company:
they make it a priority to treat their employees well
importance of enjoying the working life → fulfilling, rewarding and fun
benefits: healthcare, dentalcare, childcare, additional holiday and insurance
flexible working hours are possible
they take the health and safety of their employees very seriously

outside the company:
in Columbia many trade unionists are murdered → unionization is banned
poor working conditions and disregard for the rights of employees

marketing strategy
invention of Santa Clause

name because "the two Cs would look well in advertising"
drawn in flowing handwriting a distinctive and unique trademark for the drink first sold at an Atlanta pharmacy
only slight changes

in 1909, bottles of Coca Cola are delivered by horse-drawn carriages
Coca-Cola goes social (facebook, twitter,...)
target group
product range
global presence
young, sporty, dynamic and authentic people
aimed more at teenagers than any other groups, so Coke presents his own company as a 'hip' one with a 'cool' and modern drink
in the past: provoking advertisings to stir up the interest of the consumers
recently, their commercial is more emotional to addresses the consumers and create a feeling of community
Coca-Cola symbolizes vitality
product range is being constantly broadened by bringing new vitality
Coca-Cola/ Fanta/ Sprite: reflects the changing trends and developed lifestyles of the consumers
the most popular carbonated beverage in the world (more than 500 brands)
brand image:
keeps up with the time
other famous brands: Bonaqa, Lift, Mezzo Mix, Nestea, ...
there is a big price area from low prices to higher ones
products are affordable, but you have to pay also for the brand image and the popularity of the drinks
Coke Zero especially for men
Coke Light especially for women
fleet of lorries, haulage companies, trains, biomethane-powered vehicles
hybrid and energy-efficient vehicles
investing in biomethane vehicles

better journey planning
use empty vehicles on a return journey
smaller vehicles for smaller loads

Coke sells over 250 products of more than 60 different beverage-brands in round about 200 countries
head office: in Atlanta, Georgia
multifaceted range of products
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