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Quadratic Equation

No description

Alison Hendrickson

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Quadratic Equation

Balls, Arrows, Missiles and Stones
To lighten up your day!
Aerospace Engineers
Quadratic Jokes
Real life Examples of Quadratic Equations
Many people do have time for the Quadratic Equation because about 37 jobs use this in their work force.
If you throw a ball or shoot an arrow, fire a missile or throw a stone it will go up into the air, slowing down as it goes, then come down again and a Quadratic Equation tells you where it will be!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The real life jobs that use quadratics
Jobs that use the quadratic equations
How it was discovered
The Babylonians from 400 B.C were the first to solve quadratic equations

They developed an algorithmic approach to solving problems and it became known as the Quadratic Equation

The Euclid in 300 B.C developed a geometrical approach which later mathematicians used to solve quadratic equation

Hindu culture then took the methods further and Brahmagupta gives a method that creates negative quantities

This is originally how it came about in the world today
Quadratic Equations
As weird as it seems, yes
funeral directors
use them.
They don't just prepare the body for a funeral
They prepare bills and keep financial records

Computer, Engineering, and Natural Science Managers
plan and direct research and development in large and small companies

Medical and Health Managers
Plan, organize and supervise the delivery of health care

Purchasing agents and buyers
Need to know the quadratic equation to find the best products
Negotiate the price
Make sure the right amount is received at the right time
Also they need to know how to graph it.
Aerospace, Civil, Electrical, and Chemical engineers
Use it to design, construct and test their product they are working with

Registered Nurses
Use it for calculations on medicine and dosages
To figure out how fast an IV should run if no pump
To convert body surfaces, weight, and height
Example: Throwing a Ball
A ball is thrown straight up, from 3 meters above the ground, with a velocity of 14 meters/s. When does it hit the ground?

The height starts at 3 m: 3
It travels upwards at 14 meters per second (14 m/s): 14t
Gravity pulls it down, changing its speed by about 5 m/s per second: -5t^2

Which is a Quadratic Equation! In "Standard Form" it looks like:
-5t^2 + 14t + 3 = 0

Factors out to be: (5t + 1)(t - 3)

The solutions are: 5t+1=0 & t-3=0

Therefore when you solve it, you get: t= -0.2 and t= 3
Your answer would be 3 because you cant have a negative # of seconds
Works cited
Q: Why did the student wear glasses in math class?
A: Because it helps to improve de-vision
Q: What is the hidden math term? BOLA BOLA
A: Parabolas (Pair of Bolas)
Q: How can a fisherman determine how many fish he needs to catch to make a profit?
A: By using a cod-ratic inequality
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