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Effective Horizontal and Vertical Planning

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Jennifer Siddall

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Effective Horizontal and Vertical Planning

Effective Horizontal and Vertical Planning
Horizontal Alignment
Horizontal alignment is the degree to which instruction and assessment matches the corresponding Common Core standards for a subject area at a particular grade level.
Vertical Alignment
Vertical alignment is the process of creating a seamless flow of instruction from one grade level to the next using Common Core Standards Standards with the entire career of a student in mind instead of just a grade level; doing this will reduce the amount of instructional overlap and will increase differentiation.
Horizontal and Vertical
Horizontal Planning
Content, Process, Product
Student Achievement
Improving student achievement depends on both vertical and horizontal alignment and therefore both must take place at regular intervals.
This must be closely monitored and run by the administrative team who in turn, must show investment and participation in the vertical and horizontal planning processes.
Vertical Planning
Knowledge and Skills
Vertical Planning
in Action
Horizontal Planning in Action
Content- Which CC standards are we teaching and what are the qualifiers?
Process- How should the content be taught and differentiated for each student? This takes into account learning style and means of teaching.
Product-What do we want students to know and how will we have them demonstrate their knowledge?
Test, project, simulation?
Knowledge- What do students need to know on a continuum in grades 5-9 to attain success?
Skills- What do students need to be able to do in order to demonstrate mastery?
*Anchor Chart
*Anchor Chart

This PD is ongoing and will span this school year and beyond with a high degree of administrative support. It has to be a collaborative effort and the entire staff must invest themselves in data as well as vertical and horizontal planning since they are interconnected and involve/impact everyone. Ideally, in the future, we would involve feeder schools as well since vertical planning in theory is a district wide initiative.
Thank You!
Data and Planning Disclaimer
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