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Tomorrow, When the War Began Event Line

No description

Alexis Otway

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Tomorrow, When the War Began Event Line

Tomorrow, When the War Began Timeline
Author: John Marsden
By: Alexis Otway

Ellie, Lee, Corrie, Kevin, Homer, Fi, and Robyn go on a camping trip over Tailor's Stitch (like a long line or an arete), and into Hell (a bowl shaped area that has plenty of undergrowth, boulders, trees, and critters).
This set the scene and it is crucial to the plot of the story.
Ellie, Robyn, and Lee heard many planes go by one night. Ellie noticed, but didn't register, that they were flying, low, fast, and without lights on.
This helps the group to understand what the problem is that will come up soon.
When they went to Ellie's house after their camping trip, they found the puppies dead, and the older dog almost dead. The house was in normal condition, but her family was gone.
This is when they first realized that there was a problem.
They went to Homer, Kevin, Corrie, and Robyn's houses. There wasn't any phone or radio signals. Corrie's dad faxed their house and said that everyone was being held at the Showgrounds.
The group now knows where most of the people are.
Kevin, Ellie, and Corrie try to see what's going on at the Showground. Robyn and Lee went to scope out Lee's house in the city. Also, Homer and Fi went to Fi's house up on the hill of expensive houses to see what they could find.
They split up into groups, which will lead to big events later in the book.
Only Fi, Homer, Ellie, Kevin, and Corrie got back to the hill at Robyn's house. Ellie and Homer went to search for Robyn and Lee. They found Robyn, but they had to rescue Lee (who was in the city) with a bulldozer because of his broken leg.
Since Lee's leg is broken, this will impact plans later on in the book. Also, it will make them more cautious because of the soldiers that they encountered in the city.
Ellie, Corrie, Kevin, Homer, Fi, Robyn, and Lee ran into Chris when they pushed the BMW into the water.
Adding Chris to the group will impact the plans that the group will make in the future because of the added person to the group.
Ellie, Lee, Fi, and Homer went to the road from Cobbler's Bay because that was where they thought the most important actions occurred. Then they scoped out the Heron (a local river).
They learned that there wasn't a lot of guerillas active around the area, and that there were soldiers guarding the bridge and letting their trucks cross it. This will lead to other big events in the book.
Ellie and Fi drove a tank full of petrol under the bridge while Homer and Lee made the cattle charge over the bridge. They blew the tank with petrol up (that was parked under the bridge), and they all escape by running to their motorbikes and racing away.
Significance: This was their biggest plan of destruction, and it added the most excitement to the book.
When Ellie, Lee, Homer, and Fi got back to the garage behind Ellie's house they found that Corrie had been shot in the back.
Since this event happened, the group will lose two members, and some will go through rough times getting over what they experienced. This is also the ending to this book, which leads into the next book.
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