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Biarritz Vacations and ROmance with Nelly Boustead (1891)

Reported by: -Calayag, Katrina Mae -Catalan, Ofra Sharee -Saluta, Alyssa Jane Presentation prepared by: -Calayag, Katrina Mae

Katrina Mae Calayag

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Biarritz Vacations and ROmance with Nelly Boustead (1891)

Reported by:
-Calayag, Katrina Mae
-Catalan, Ofra Sharee
-Saluta, Alyssa Jane

Presentation prepared by:
Katrina Mae Calayag Biarritz Vacations and Romance with Nelly Boustead (1891) Rizal started El Filibusterismo in Calamba in 1887

Finished it in March 29, 1891 in the eve of his departure from Biarritz to Paris.
El Filibusterismo Finished in Biarritz On March 30, 1891 he proceeded to Paris by train, and stayed at the home of his friend, Valentin Ventura, on 4 Rue de Chateaudum.

Wrote Jose Ma. Basa in Hong Kong, on April 4, b that he wanted to go to Britain in order to practice ophthalmology to earn his living.

Middle of April 1891 Rizal was back in Brussels where he was happily received by Marie and Suzanne Jacoby (his landladies) and above all, by Petite Suzanne ( Belgian girl who loved him).
To Paris and Back to Brussels January, 1891 Rizal retired from the Propaganda Movement or reform crusade.

from Brussels, on May 1, 1891, He noticed the authorities in Manila to cancel his monthly allowance and devote the money to some better cause, such as the education of young Filipino student in Europe.

He wrote to Mr. A. l. lorena (pseudonym of Deodato Arellano) that he was thankful for the monthly allowance of P50, but he will retire from th propaganda in order to earn money, because living in Europe is too much costly. Retirement from the Propaganda Movement See you next time !!! Thank you for Listening Simultaneous with his retirement from Propaganda movement, Rizal ceased writing articles for la solidaridad.
M.H. del Pilar, wrote to Rizal begging forgiveness for any resentment and requesting Rizal to resume writing for la solidaridad (august 7, 1891)
In his reply, Rizal wrote denying any resentment and explaining why he stopped writing .
Rizal Stopped Writing for La Solidaridad. He need time to work on his book.

He wanted other Filipinos to work also

He considered it very important to the party that there be unity in the work
Reasons for stopping the La solidaridad:
In Brussels, Rizal orked day after day revising the finished manuscript of El Filibusterismo and readied for printing.
On May 30, 1891, revision was mostly completed.
He wrote to Jose Ma. Basa
On June 13, we wrote again to Jose Ma. Basa to negotiate with a printing firm and as I do not know if it will be printed here (Belgium) or in Spain.
Rizal leave his publication to Antonio luna.
Revising the Fili for Publication
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