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Guinness Targeting New Generations

No description

sonia fahem

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Guinness Targeting New Generations

Targeting New Generations
It all starts with just one man,
it’s not down to a single

“Eureka” moment!

Age Subculture
Generation X
Generation Y
X vs Y

‘Changing the Brand Image
of Guinness among young consumers is the key to survival and growth. But resonating with certain age subcultures is harder than it looks’.

Authors; William Strauss &
Neil Howe believe that each
generation has common
characteristics, one of them being people
who were born
around the same time
Stephen O’Kelly, ''Marketing Director'' of Guinness for Western Europe, told Marketing Week
mobile is the “future” of the Guinness brand.

Established in 1759
stouts made up
of the beers consumed by Irish drinker.
The Irish market share has slipped from nearly
31.1% in 2006

to just
26.9% by 2011
, according to Euromonitor International.
Mark of real me
A Find Nation
A new home
Challenge for any brand

''Twitter'' hash tag
symbol ie, #RoundUpYourMates,was the first hash tag ever used. It was then
quickly hijacked by TV viewers
1- Age Sub-Culture
2- Generation X
3- Generation Y
4- Guinness' Marketing Strategy

Birth dates from the early
1960s to the early 1980s

Who is The New Beer Consumer? Harris Poll, 2011
41% of Generation Xers

How do we target the Xers ?
'' The family unit"

Brand image for the Xers -
Dedication – Loyalty – Friendship

Ad campaign
Gen X -
1995 a Guinness Ad campaign
was aimed at the Gen 'Good' Things Come To Those Who Wait.......

Born between the late
80s till
the early
''new millennium''

Personality: Strong sense of community, more
socially aware and more
than their parents.
for Millennials said
being wealthy is very important.
This generation also
values individuality

LifeS tyle
: They tend to lead a relatively quiet life. They also value

: They are cautious of their personal safety

Brand preferences ,
Guinness indexes highest (141)
amongst males
of Millennials say
beer is their drink of choic

How to target the Yers: Being
give them an experience they’ll want to share !
Communicating trough the
new media and social networks,
stories in visual
form ; the Campaign ''Made of more'' Ad ''The SAPEUR''
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