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Valentina Sarria and Natalie Rubin

No description

lib hist

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Valentina Sarria and Natalie Rubin

Under heavy fire and disorganized company, he brought them back together and valiantly led them to destroy the enemy. He had top go to hand to hand combat, maintaining his line. Even with insufficient water and ammunition, twelve men and one injured officer, he stayed on the exposed hill just to hold the ground won. Because of his conspicuous gallantry, intrepidity, leadership (against "devastating odds) while protecting units below against heavy Japanese attacks, he received the medal of honor.


Pope Johnston
Pope Johnston
Pope Johnston
Valentina Sarria and Natalie Rubin
Everett P. Pope
William "Willie" Johnston
After begging to enlist with his father, he served as a drummer in the Civil War, at age 11. While marching through a battle field, other older soldiers and musicians chose to throw their supplies and instruments, to make it easier to get to their destination, however, Johnston decided to keep his instrument and follow orders, despite having more to carry. He was the only person from his division to do his duties, and was granted a medal of honor at age 11 and received it at 13 because he did his job, despite it keeping him in danger.
Johnston is honorable because he carried out his duties. Despite them putting him in danger, he pushed through unlike the rest of his division.
Pope is honorable
because he kept fighting on the exposed hill with 12 men, a wounded officer, low water + ammunition and heavy japanese attacks.
Pope showed sacrifice because he did almost everything possible to keep his men safe and in order, also protecting lower units.
Even with low ammunition and having to fight hand to hand, he kept fighting and kept his men fighting solely to hold the ground won.
Pope showed valor because he fought even with all the disadvantages he had on his own decision.
Everett P. Pope
William "Willie" Johnston
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