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Copy of the power of your personal brand

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Transcript of Copy of the power of your personal brand

we can universally agree that you are all very intelligent...
so how do you leverage that intelligence to become a more engaged leader?
what I propose, is that we remember people, not necessarily for how smart they are, but the impression they leave on you
what does your brand say about you?

before we start talking about your brand, we need to ponder your......
to be an effective leader, do you need both?
the power of your personal brand
chris dito
elizabeth moon
daria costello

what is the
sweet spot
of all 3?
are they
what is your social
media presence?
is social media important?
how do you find balance with
all 3 areas of your life?

as important as the virtual space
has become, people and relationships matter
branding opportunities
who are we?
what do we do?

talent broker

international expert

career development strategist
increasing number of one-year professional degree programs

learning what the market demands are

discovering how to maximize the time we have with students
comprehensive orientation with industry professionals

language and culture workshops


mock interviews

individual and group advising

meet the firms

networking symposia
next wave of social media...
focus of mpac:

what we offer:
serving our
international population

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