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Social Media Staffing & Management

HBJ Social Media Summit Event 10/14/11

OneDigital Health and Benefits

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Social Media Staffing & Management

Relationship building
Increasing awareness of brand
Listening / feedback
Giving brand a personality
OvationNation Blog
positions company as a thought leader
increases opportunity for content dissemination
establishes different voices
encourages 2-way communication
offers an "experience"
ideal for SEO
is free
Leveraging the Blog
Thought leadership
Case studies
Personal stories
Speaking engagements
A social connection
Case studies
Personal stories
Power of reach
Business-oriented social networking
Business people you know and trust
Transparent business contacts
Relevant expert networking groups
Opportunity to reccomend or be reccomended
Demonstrate your experience
Events and status updates
Thought leadership
Connections to blog
Social Media
Staffing & Management
36% of B2B execs surveyed said there was low executive interest in social media in their company, compared with 9% of B2C marketers who said the same.
60% of B2B firms have no staff dedicated to social media compared with 54% of B2C players.
Goodwin College,
Polar Electro,
Community Health Center,
New Milford Hospital, Jensen,
Pilothouse, Klingberg, Ragozinno, Latimer Group, Conveyco, Ipsos, Pert Group and MORE!
That's 58%!
These crazed folks will:
Tell your story for you
Offer you up as the solution
Get their friends to go crazy for you
Sell for you
Support you
Give you honest feedback to assist with course correction
Fight for you
Empower the Army
Open Up
Deep Dive Education
Slice Up the Pie
Reach Out
Build a Fan Base
Message Boards
Scheduled Webinars
More Video
Skype Sessions
Hartford Business Journal's
Social Media Summit
Allison Lantieri
Marketing Director, Ovation
How will you make a significant ripple in the water when the marketing team is relatively small?
Approach social media as a team sport
Effectively manage and monitor the social media plan with a shoestring team
Look to the future in terms of what else is possible in team and audience engagement
Engage c-suite level voices in your social media initiatives
Our 3 Cs
Find our customers, give them a reason to engage & talk with them at the right place and at the right time.
Share a story
Offer advice
Ask a question
Call them to action
Give them feedback
Just say "Hi"
Applaud them
Slice it Up
Why are we doing this?
What are we doing?
Who is doing it?
A dedicated team!
"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."
-Henry Ford
Many hands make light work.
Organization helps!
Finding our "VOICE"
Monday - Nikki
Tuesday - Amanda
Wednesday - Nikki
Thursday - Kameron
Friday - Amanda
C-Suite Engagement
The Future
How are my peers doing it?
How are we doing it?
We Have a SMMP
Content Calendar
Committment to Real-Time
Designated Roles
Communicated Priorities
Organizational Tools
Demonstrated Support from Leadership
Kristel Hayes, Mesh Marketing
"You have some canned “pitches," planned information and a carefully crafted brand presence within the booth, but without a human being standing there, having real conversations with passers-by, there would be very little interest in what is on display."
Amanda Beaudry,
Marketing Assistant
Who Executes the Overall Plan?
Suzi Craig,
"We schedule things in the sense that we have an editorial calendar that is supplanted with spontaneous content."

"I rarely schedule Tweets in the 'set and forget it' mode because I want to be there to engage in conversations when I do post things."
We don't have that problem.
Brian Driscoll,
Chief Operating Officer
Bill Mauke,
Workforce Health President
Bill Carew,
Chief Executive Officer
Keys to Success
Is There a Need for a Full-Time
Social Media Manager?
Will I get one?
Your ROI is the fact that
you will still have that relationship in five years.
What if Leadership
Doesn't Get It?
Make the Business Case
Get Their Permission to Put Your Toe in the Water
Find a C-Suite Peer that "Gets It"
Point Out Competition in Full Swing
Research Your Client Activity
When All Else Fails . . .
Throw a Tantrum!
Keep at It.
Our Cients!
Connection, Content, Conversation
Have a SMMP
Designate Roles
Get Organized
Engage C-Suite in Storytelling
Look Around the Corner

What do we want from this?
How are we doing?
Distribution of Health Care Expenditures by Source of Payment
Distribution of Health Care Expenditures by Source of Payment
Cumulative Increases in Health Insurance Premiums, Workers’ Contributions to Premiums, Inflation, and Workers’ Earnings, 1999-2012
Source: Kaiser/HRET Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Benefits, 1999-2012. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Price Index, U.S. City Average of Annual Inflation (April to April), 1999-2012; Bureau of Labor Statistics, Seasonally Adjusted Data from the Current Employment Statistics Survey, 1999-2012 (April to April).
Obesity in America
36% Obese
35% Pre-diabetic
30% heart disease
133 million with preventable chronic disease
78 million baby boomers
Unfunded Medicare Liability: $39 Trillion
Unfunded Social Security Liability: $8.6 Trillion
Unfunded State and Local Liabilities: $3.1 Trillion
Now What?
So what does the Affordable Care Act do?
Uninsured population cut by 50%

New marketplace for individual coverage

Major expansion of Medicaid

Premium subsidies for lower income

New taxes on the wealthy

Cuts in Medicare funding

Huge incentives to drive healthy behavior

New framework to transform the system
How? Follow the money…
Who Pays? Follow the money…
Changing the Marketplace
18 million new Medicaid members

24 million new Individual plans

5 million less on Small group plans

4 million less on Large group plans
New "Cost Savers"
Small Business Tax Credits 35% to 50%
Wellness Incentives from 20% to 50%
Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s)
Medical Loss ratio (MLR) rebates
Health Insurance Exchanges
“Cadillac Tax” 40%
60 employees
20+ years experience
250+ corporate customers
~140,000 insured lives
In Farmington since 2002
Acquired Health Navigators, LLC in 2010

20+ years experience in chronic disease prevention

National customer base

Focused on preventing and reversing chronic disease:
Heart Disease
What Do I Need to Do Today?
"Pay or Play' Analysis
Am I a large employer?

Do my benefits meet 60% actuarial value?

Are my benefits "affordable"?

What is my financial exposure?
Living the Dream…
Health Insurance: All day, every day…
Affordable Care Act
New Taxes and Fees:
Increase fully-insured costs up by 5% to 7%
Why Now?
Pay or Play
Mandate on citizens to buy insurance
Mandated benefit levels
Government run market exchanges
Premium subsidies to low income
New taxes on individuals, corporations and insurers
New restrictions on employers
Restrictions on underwriting
New incentives to drive healthy behavior
Medicare payment reductions for providers
Payment changes to drive provider reforms
The NEW Role of Government in Healthcare
Transforming the System

Drive consolidation of providers
Drive operational efficiency for providers
Drive new reimbursement methods (Quality over Quantity)
Drive better health outcomes
Drive healthy behavior in individuals
dis-incent insurer efficiency
dis-incent medical device and pharma innovation
Adversely affect select industries
(hospitality, retail, long term care)
The Bottom-line
Short term premiums 8% to 12% higher

Intermediate premiums 12% to 20% higher

Longer term premiums increase at historical rates
Job Growth Kicks in...
HCR To-Do List
Do your "Pay or Play" analysis

Assess the impact of cost increases on your business model

Chart your course...
Restructure Workforce?
Pay NOT play?
Wellness Incentives (Penalties)?
Provider Partnerships?
Shortage of 159,000 physicians by 2025
“PAY”: $2,000
Penalty per FTE (>30)


“PLAY”: $5k to $15k
Qualified Plan @ 60% Actuarial Value
Essential Benefits 
Affordable <9.5% W2
Employer Shared Responsibility
Expanding Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act
Provider Payment Mix
Necessary to cover shortfalls from Medicare/Medicaid
The Bottom-line
Short term premiums 8% to 12% higher

Intermediate premiums 12% to 20% higher

Longer term premiums increase at historical rates
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