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Professionalism in the Workplace

Professional behavior and expectations in the workplace.

Stephanie Mooney

on 7 March 2012

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Transcript of Professionalism in the Workplace,r:0,s:0&tx=97&ty=57 Youtube Video,r:15,s:169&tx=125&ty=61,r:0,s:0&tx=87&ty=51,r:10,s:72&tx=69&ty=19 Spelling, Yes it Matters! What is Professionalism?
Good Question!
Professionalism is not defined by
a certain position or stature. Professionalism is defined by who a person is, regarding character,
demeanor, trust, appearance, behavior, and honesty. The best measurement of an individual's
professionalism is how others perceive him/her.
Tolerance Attitude,r:3,s:111&tx=63&ty=53,r:11,s:82&tx=118&ty=49,r:11,s:198,r:5,s:0,r:10,s:0&tx=102&ty=61,r:15,s:26&tx=88&ty=48,r:15,s:26&tx=88&ty=48,r:15,s:0,r:4,s:0,r:14,s:0&tx=122&ty=93 Hygiene-because you and your co-workers
are worth it! Be on time for work! You're not in college anymore! Shower and Shave! Professional Dress Fail Ready for Work! Save Social Media for the House Ethics,r:12,s:0 Which One Will you Take?,r:13,s:0&tx=78&ty=81,r:14,s:96 Critical Thinking is vital in the workplace
and requires thinking and actions that consider
future consequences of all involved. Acting upon emotion is not acceptable.,r:9,s:0 Negativity,r:1,s:0,r:4,s:46&tx=-774&ty=-21 Goals Don't lose focus! Communication is important for success Teamwork. Enough Said. teamwork Cited resources
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