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NLW Lodlam Challenge entry.

National Library of Wales entry to LODLAM 2015 Challenge. A very late entry, so set autoplay to 10s and arrow through the transitions, kick back and enjoy some 80s sounds!

Paul McCann

on 4 July 2015

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Transcript of NLW Lodlam Challenge entry.

Step 3.
Extract linked data from DBpedia and Wikidata for each wiki page containing an image
Compare dbpedia and wikidata to investigate which contains the most useable data and links to non english wikipedias (e.g. Welsh Wikipedia)
Store RDF in Sesame

Lodlam Challenge
National Library of Wales
Main Idea
Use DBpedia and Wikidata to discover and expose connections between concepts and images published on Wiki Commons.

To enable cultural heritage organizations that share content openly on platforms such as Wikipedia and Wikimedia to harness the information created by the re-use of their content.
Proof of
A quick test of the idea with -
400 images from the National Library of Wales category
21 images being used across Wikipedia

you can browse the images of people separately to images of things. Something we can't do with existing data. This highlights the potential of the concept.
NLW Wikipedia Images
The Wikimedia API


In recent years cultural heritage institutions have been contributing an increasing amount of content for re-use on open platforms such as Wikipedia.

it is very difficult for these organizations to understand how their content has been re-used
they are not able to use the information created as a by-product of that re-use.
To build a software application that anyone (cultural heritage institutions in particular) can use to use glean information about:
the re-use of their material
the extra information created as a result of that re-use
This could be expanded to include platforms beyond Wikipedia e.g. Flickr and YouTube
Systems & Research
Glen Robson,
Owain Roberts, @
Paul McCann,
Step 1.
Identify a category containing our images
Step 2.
Harvest all images from Wiki Media category
Find each wiki page that contains an image
Step 4.
Create cluster visualisations to show clusters of images related by Wikipedia type or Subject. Find relationships not present in Catalogue metadata.
Step 5.
Create a website that provides -
View institution metadata alongside Wikipedia relationships
Use clustering to facet images on Wikipedia
Provide new ways to search our images
Enhance our own metadata
Create vizualisations of relationships
Website available online for all to use.
Website coding available on github for others to modify and use.

This would allow ...
users to search and browse our collections based on crowd sourced concepts not present in our native metadata
navigate clusters of images organised by Wikipedia types and subjects. For example view images of people or things.
compare and enhance our metadata
a new way of discovering images based on linked data concepts rather than traditional catalogue search
(when built)
Music licensed under
Creative Commons.
Mesu kasumai -
Axel f foley hearty
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