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Elements Project

No description

Amelia Goss

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Elements Project

Phill Dunphy
(Modern Family) Krypton is often used in the making of headlights, lasers, neon tubes, and flashlights.
Phill Dunphy's bright, goofy, bouncy personality resembles this gas's properties perfectly in the way they both stand out and are flashy, also because gasses are bouncy just like Phill. Rachel Berry
(Glee) Rachel Berry is known on the show glee to have amazing talent and star quality.
The element Helium seems to compliment her demeanor perfectly. Helium is know to be a weightless gas that floats toward the stars (pun intended), but it also seems to resemble the way she rises to the top of any standard. Abby Lee Miller (Dance Moms) Flourine is most commonly known as a poisonous gas, which shows Abby's personality perfectly. She seems to poison every child she teaches with her dangerous attitude.
Not only is she sickening, but she is also very explosive, which also resembles Flourine because of it's almost full valence shell. Jess was paired with the element aluminum, which is what soda cans are made of.
This seemed appropriate because she has a hyper personality, which someone might think is the effect of a caffeine addiction. Jess Day (New Girl) Ever heard the saying ,"drink your milk,"? People say that because milk gives you strong bones. Buddy Valestro is the Cake Boss, he knows everything there is to know about baking.
The element Calcium was paired with him because he is the "backbone" of the bakery, but also because milk is definitely critical in the cake making process. Buddy Valestro (Cake Boss) Hanna's role in this popular television show is one of a girly girl, she is hardly ever found in nature (unless asked by a nice looking male).
The element Americinium is a lot lke her in that way. It too is rarely spotted in nature. Hanna Marin (Pretty Little Liars) The element Beryllium is used in the making of x-rays because it is non-sparking because of its full valence shell.
This is a lot like the TV star Brick Heck, he is a mellow kid who (like beryllium) is not very rective in stressful situations. He also has a talent of seeing through people's lies, which is a lot like the purpose of a x-ray. Brick Heck (The Middle) The element Plutonium is a lot like this talented dancer. It is radioactive, which is a similar characteristic of Chloe because of her sometimes grumpy attitude.
Her teacher Abby Lee Miller sometimes tells her to intimidate the other competitors. She is thought of as a "secret weapon", and so is Plutonium! Chloe Lukasiak (Dance Moms) Gloria Pritchet is happily married on the show Modern Family, but what might be a little strange is the age difference of her husband (30 years!). Some might give her the label: Gold digger.
The element silver is not only valuable (a lot like how Gloria seems to crave jewelry), but it is also a great conductor. Gloria seems to conduct the Pritchet family in the way she hold them together like glue. Gloria Pritchet (Modern Family) It's safe to say there is drama within the group of Aria's friends, but not as much when she's around!
Aria is a lot like the element Neodymium in the way it is the most magnetic element on the periodic table. She is always finding herself pulling everyone together (like a magnet!). Aria Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars) Maddie is definitely one of the most talented dancers at the Abby Lee Dance Company. She resembles the element Gold in many ways.
She is very valuable, like gold. But she is also very coachable, which resemble the fact Gold can be pressed into many forms, also known as malleable. Maddie Zegler (Dance Moms) Cam's entertaining character on the show Modern Family is definitely one to watch! His bright, flashy personality is so much like the element Neon, which is found in bright florescent signs and colors.
Neon is also found is Super cold fridges, the opposite of the temperature in his hometown, Missouri. Cam Tucker-Pitchet (Modern Family) The element Titanium seems to sum up Brooks personality perfectly. Titanium is a sturdy metal that cannot be broken, just like Brooke's facial expressions.
Brooke is an amazingly flexible person who dances as if she is weightless, a lot like how Titanium is used in (zero-gravity) aerospace shuttles. Brooke Hyland (Dance Moms) Its no lie to say that Claire puts up with a lot from her kids. The element Tin is noncorrosive, a lot like Claire's attitude when she is frustrated by her hectic family.
The element Tin is also known as a soft metal. And Claire definitely has a soft spot when it comes to her husband Phill. Claire Dunphy (Modern Family) Emily is a soft spoken girl who is always solving conflict within her group of friends. The element Oxygen is similar to her in that way. We all need Oxygen to survive, and Emily's friends would definitely not survive without her for long. Emily Feilds (Pretty Little Liars) The element Chlorine is known as a poisonous gas. Buddy Valestro's clumsy cousin is a lot like this element.
Anthony is always messing things up and destroying perfect cakes. the other workers at Carlo's Bakery find him annoying, disruptive, and destructive. It's safe to say he is very poisonous, like Chlorine. Cousin Anthony (Cake Boss) Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars) Spencer is a preppy girl who is always doing great in school. Her friends wonder how she manages perfect grades, a boyfriend, and her uptight family.
The element Lithium is used in batteries, which seems appropriate because Spencer seems to be going all the time. Frankie Heck is a busy mother who always has another thing to do. She is always working and taking care of her kids.
The element Iodine is often put in wounds to decontaminate and also unsanitary water to kill bacteria. Frankie is a lot like Iodine because they both stop problems: Frankie with her kids and Iodine with germs and bacteria. Frankie Heck (The Middle) If you ever met Haley in person it would be easy to see that she's not the brightest tool in the shed, but a nicer way to put it is: she is a girly girl.
The element Francium is very reactive (like Haley when she gets angry) and almost never found in nature. Haley too isn't fond of the outdoors. Haley Dunphy (Modern Family) Sue is not the most popular girl at school. She doesn't have many friends and she just plain blends in.The element Nitrogen does the same thing. Because it makes up 78% of the atmosphere, they both blend into their surrounding and hardly ever get noticed. Sue Heck (The Middle) "Show Stopping" Elements Written by: Amelia Goss
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