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Found Object Sculpture

No description

Colette Christensen

on 24 December 2016

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Transcript of Found Object Sculpture

Form- is an object having 3-dimension.

Geometric Forms - precise forms that can be described using mathematical formulas.
Free-Form/Organic- are irregular and uneven forms.
Open Forms:
-Open spaces
Closed Forms:
-Look solid
-Closes things out
Dense Forms - are solid and heavy (relate to their mass).
Dense Forms are:
- unyielding
- resist impact
- may suggest protection
Active Forms:
-defy gravity
-slant diagonally (as if falling or running)
Static Shapes
Found Object Sculpture project
Picasso 1943 "Bull"
You are going to create a unique sculpture using found objects and other art mediums.
Due: January 12
Found object is an everyday
object that you use in life.
It might be trash, or
a part of something else.
You may create an abstract object


create something realistic.
* If you choose the abstract option, you may not slap things together. You must assemble them thinking about the design.
1. You must create your sculpture using found objects and one other medium. (Medium examples: pen, marker, paint etc.)
2. You must use at least 4 objects in your sculpture.
3. Your sculpture must be at least 5 inch. in length and be stable (be able to hold itself up)
4.You must use good craftsmanship.
Written Statement:
Describe your Found Object Sculpture. Was your form geometric or
organic? Why? Is your form open or closed? Why? Is your form static
or active? Why? Did you enjoy the project or find it challenging?
Student Work
Most sculptures use an
A structure created from metal wire, wood, bars or other kinds of supporting materials that can hold up wet plaster or clay, or other types of manipulative mixed media materials
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