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Evaluation Activity 5

No description

Rachel Marshall

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of Evaluation Activity 5

Evaluation Activity 5 How did you attract/address
your target audience? To attract my target audience my
magazine did the following........ The models on my front cover had the typical rock magazine look. They all had long hair, piercings, and had a rock band appeal. Some of the bands named on the headline were typical of the genre of magazine I was aiming for, therefore attracting the type of audince that are interested ion those bands. I also did this on my contents page. Used colours that my audience wanted to see, to physicaly attract the audience more. I knew my target audience's favourite colours because of the questionaare and research. Using more image than text, because of the results from the questionaare also. Using informal poses. This can attract different audiences because my genre of music is informal and almost abstract, therefore the poses of the models could not be formal because this would of attracted a different type of audience. On the double paged spread, I put photographs on of them with their instruments, showing them as more of a band, almost showing evidence to the audience. The name of my magazine 'AMPED' is a shortened word for Amplified, which means loud noise. My target audience would enjoy 'loud' music. The fonts used throughout the magazine are eroded and distorted, this creates a broken effect. My target audience could be seen as alternative broken kind of people.
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