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Miss Peterson's Top 10 Weird Animal Adaptations

No description

Jennifer Peterson

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of Miss Peterson's Top 10 Weird Animal Adaptations

Mrs. Labor's Top 10 Weird Animal Adaptations
Mimic Octopus
The Mimic Octopus can "mimic" its surroundings, keeping it safe from predators. Not only can it change color, but it can also change its shape and texture. If camoflauge doesn't work, then it will shoot ink at the predator. Let's see just how cool a mimic octopus can be!
Texas Horned Lizard
The Texas Horned Lizard has a lot of adaptations. When threatened, it can...
flatten its body
lighten or darken its skin
burrow into the ground
puff itself up
But it's weirdest adaptation has to be that it can...
Tufted Deer
This deer is weird because it has an adaptation that helps it defend itself against predators that no other deer has...
Angler Fish
The Angler Fish is one ugly fish. It lives in the ocean and hunts using an unusual adaptation... I'll give you some hints...
1. "Angler" is a type of fisherman
2. This fish was featured in a "Finding Nemo" scene

Pistol Shrimp
The hagfish has a pretty gross adaptation that keeps it from being eaten. When threatened, the hagfish secretes SLIME. Watch hagfish escape from sharks...
This pistol shrimp has a strange way of catching its favorite meal...
Greenland Shark
This weird looking shark lives
in the cold arctic ocean. To keep its blood from freezing in the icy temperatures, it has a special element to its blood.
Diving Bell Spider
The Diving Bell Spider is an arachnid, but shockingly it can live underwater!

How? You'll just have to watch and see...
What would you get if you crossed a whale with a unicorn? Probably this animal. The Narwhal has a huge tusk on it's head. What do you think it might be for? Watch it in action...
Stiletto Snake
Like other venemous snakes, the Stiletto snake uses venom to kill its prey. Unlike other venemous snakes who open their mouths wide to bite, the Stiletto snake's fangs swipe out to the side. The snake sticks its fangs out to the side of its mouth and then shakes its head back and forth to inject its prey. This adaptation benefits the snake because it often hunts in underground tunnels where it would be difficult to open its mouth quickly enough to strike effectively.
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