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Think like a Puritan

No description

james hwang

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Think like a Puritan

Think like a Puritan
The situation
The Puritans believed that every evil deed was because of the devil.
What is a Puritan?
A Puritan was a member of a group of English Protestants who regarded the Reformation of the Church of England and sought to simplify and regulate forms of worship. They were strong believers of Christ and the Puritans believed that they can "purify" the church by removing all traces of Roman Catholicism
Are Americans and American decisions still influenced by Puritan values and beliefs?
Idea #1
Take away the child from the mother who committed adultery
1. Determine what punishment should be given to the adulteress and how you can discourage this behavior in the other members of the community
2. Determine what steps you will take to force the adulteress to divulge the name of the father of the child
3. Determine what steps you will take to encourage the father of the child to come forward on his own
4. Determine what punishment you will administer to the father once he is determined
5. Determine what is to be done with the child. Is this adulteress a fit mother to raise this child?
6. How can the soul of the sinner be saved?
The Puritans banned three English diversions; drama, religious music, and erotic poetry.
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