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Partying in college

No description

carina barreto

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Partying in college

Partying in college
Always go out with friends you know
Watch out for each other and always leave together if you come together
DON'T go home with random people
Know your limit
Different people can tolerate different amounts of alcohol
Don't go over your limit
You should know your limit and stop when it's necessary
Always have a Designated Driver
Many lives are taken too early because of drunk drivers
Don't endanger your life by getting in a car with someone who has been drinking even if they swear they are okay to drive
If you end up drunk leave your car and call someone to come pick you up or call a taxi
Don't let peer pressure be an issue
Pick friends that you know want the same thing for themselves as you do
If you aren't a party person don't let people influence you into doing something you don't wanna do
Always be sure you can trust your friends
Watch out for your drinks
Never leave your drink unattended
If you do leave it unattended get a new drink
Do not take any chances
By: Carina Barreto
Utilize the buddy system
If you do decide to do illegal things know that there will be consequences and you have to take responsibility for them
Whether it be jail, ticket, DUI, your own life at stake or someone elses
Invest in some safety items
Get the Roofie detecting nail polish
If your school allows get pepper spray or a tazor depending on school policies
Be careful and make good decisions
Be ready to live with whatever consequences come with your actions
Have fun it's college!
Always put school before parties and know there will be more parties if you miss one
Know that people lace drugs
Don't take drugs from random people
They take a different toll on everybody
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