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Ashlly Lambaren

No description

Katrina Dye

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Ashlly Lambaren

This is an example of my
. Say if someone steals someone's bracelet at school, the owner of the bracelet would have an app on their phone or their parents phone that is part of the
could find the person and get their bracelet back. For emergency drills at school the Principal could see if anyone is in the halls .Students will have uniforms with trackers on their clothes in the future, Because the new principle didn't want anyone to go missing.
Q: What five adjectives would best describe your design?
These clothes of the future would still look cool ,fashionable,
, and still be safe. In the future people wont worry as much about kidnapping or theft of expensive accessories. Because of the tracker on their clothes.
Lakeside 2050: Typical Fashion
A Glimpse into the Future of Lakeside School District
Ashlly Lambaren

I believe in the future that theft and kidnapping will still be a problem. I
that this school will still care for the students, by having a safer area to learn and knowing were they are at all times.
A: colorful, sharp, trendy, sophisticated, and interesting
Q: What makes your design innovative?
Q: What types of careers are the students preparing for ?
Q: What sorts of issues do you think will be most important to the students of 2050?
A: Maybe some students will think that their grades in the 4th-6th grade is actually important so they would pay attention more to the teacher than to their friends beside them.
the trackers in the uniforms will make the students feel safer about the area and kidnapping
They might be preparing for jobs like nursing, and more business type jobs.
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