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North Korea

How is the North Korean Government Restricting Communications to Other Countries?

Zachary Yeh

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of North Korea

North Korea By Ethan & Zachary What is the Government of North Korea? How is the Internet Used in North Korea? Internet use is illegal in North Korea. North Korea is ruled by a dictator. Government blocks internet by blocking IP addresses. North Korea is not the official name. The official name is the Democratic Peoples Republic Of Korea. Only 4% of the population is allowed to use the internet. Where is North Korea? North Korea is in between South Korea, China, The Yellow Sea, The sea of Japan and Russia Are They Allowed Cell Phones? A man has been executed for calling a South Korean friend, telling him about the harsh living conditions. Cell Phones are illegal, but people have been selling them illegally. The current ruler, Kim Jong Un, is a dictator. North Korea is a Communist and Totalitarian government. Bad Things North Korea has: officially admitted to abducting 13 of the suspected 17 people. hacked one of South Korea's most read newspapers website. Bad Things How Has The North Korean Government Met or not Met The Population’s Needs? If they don't work, they go to jail
They can also pay between 20 to 30 times their tiny monthly salary not to work
People only get paid 1200 won (two dollars) a month, but are only paid 6 times a year
One kilogram of rice costs 5000 to 7000 won History of North Korea On June 25th, 1950, North Korea sent 75,000 soldiers across the 38th parallel attacking the South, thus starting the Korean War. It ended in a armistice meaning the war was not over, but the parties would agree not to fight. The United States joined on the South Korean Side one month after the initial attack of North Korea. Japan invaded North Korea in 1905 Japan spent 40 years trying to obliterate the Korean race, culture and language unsuccessfully. Timeline of North Korea Japan Invaded the Korean Peninsula The Korean War Started 1900 1905 Kim-Jong Un is restricting and monitoring communications of North Korean citizens as well as their movement in and out of the country. Thesis: What Rules Does The Government Have? The North Korean Government uses the Juche Rule, which means to take care of yourself or die. The citizens had to cry when Kim Jong Il died, or else they would get shot. Korea Split In Half 1945 Does The North Korean Government Use Social Media? The North Korean government stalks 3 people on Twitter North Korea antagonizes South Korea on Twitter Out of the three people North Korea stalks, 2 of them have abandoned their twitter account North Korea's Twitter account, Uriminzokkiri, means Our People How is the North Korean Government Restricting Communications to Other Countries? The Korean War Ended in Armistice 1953 1977 North Korea Abducts 13 Japanese and South Korean Citizens Korea split into North and South in 1945, after World War II. Flow of Power Kim Jong Un Government Officials Army Citizens been considered an axis of evil by other countries. threatened the United States, its sworn enemy, with war.
Put Its citizens in Prison Camps and citizens are being enslaved. What Does the North Korean Government Do to Other Governments 1945 North Korea has threatened the United States, their sworn enemy with nuclear missiles A famine in 2012 was so bad, thousands of people died and a man ate his two children. The man was later executed by a firing squad. June 25 1950 While citizens die of starvation, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is expending huge resources on rocket launches. The U.S Joins South Korea in the Korean War Picture Credit http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/images/time/asia/korea-n.jpg http://gleaner.rutgers.edu/files/2012/04/north-korea-flag.jpg http://stat.gogo.mn/news/2011/12/23/korea-crying.jpg http://travel.state.gov/_res/images/countries/maps/large/korea_north.gif 1950 July What is Happening Now in North Korea? The North Korean government might send Nuclear missiles at the United States. There are cases of extreme starvation and even some cannibalism. North Korea has: Good Things Allowed North Koreans to meet with South Korean Family in 2000 Good VS. Bad Thank You For Watching from Kim-Jong Un Now Thank You For Watching From Kim Jong Un In Conclusion... North Korea has been very mean to its citizens, starving, enslaving and executing them. The government also doesn't allow communications to other countries. Lastly, they are disrespecting human rights.
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