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The Statue of Zeus! I know you love it. Please Comment!

No description

Spider Man

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of The Statue of Zeus! I know you love it. Please Comment!

It was made to respect the god of the sky, Zeus.
It was burnt down in the fifth century.
Was in Peloponnesus also known as Modern Greece

The Statue of Zeus was built around 432 B.C.
The Statue of Zeus
The Statue of Zeus was about 40 feet tall.
It was made to honor the Greek sky god, Zeus.
Was destroyed in a fire in the 5th century. (A.D.)
Phidias, one of the greatest artists in Classical Greece, made the Statue of Zeus.
Zeus was holding a figure of the goddess Nike.

The Statue of Zeus was made of Ivory and gold plated plates on wooden frames.

There are Statue of Zeus spoons and masks. These are just a few of the souvenirs.
This is a wonder, because it was built when they didn't have our tools today.
Greeks would come to worship Zeus, like a church.
There are The Statue of Zeus spoons and also masks. There are so much more souvenirs.
Hope you enjoyed! Comment!:)
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