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Health Care System Jigsaw

No description

briana bellinger

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Health Care System Jigsaw

Private: recieve profit from share holders ( main 3 Hosp.corp. of America, Tenet, Health South) Non-Profit: are publicly funded by grants or donations (some privately owned for a profit hospital)
Government: well, funded through the government. Specialty Hospitals provides care for specific illnesses or a specific group of patients where as ..... General Hospitals provide care to any one for any condition A Specialty Hospital could be...
St. Jude's Ben Franklin Tuberculosis Hospital Cherry mental Facility (MI) Universiy Hospitals: are just what they sound lke, Hospitals associated and run through a university. They are funded through the government. Government Agencies WHO deals with problems that occur arround the world. They find out how to prevent and treat sdiseases US Department of Health & Human Services Their goal is to protect Americans and give essential services 2 sections
US Public Health Service-address matters concerning public needs
Office of Inspector General-investigate criminal activitu 5 services provided by health department Immunizations Public Education Communicable disease control Health Inspection of food and services Statistics $$$ comes from govt through taxes American Cancer Society Health Care Systems Hospitals & Financing Government Hospitals in NC are...
Religious: are publicly funded through donations Fayettville V.A. Oberry Mental facility (MR) Non Profit Agencies also called Volunteer Agencies They are supported through donations, member fees, fundraisers or grants They provice health services at local, state, and national levels 4 examples of non-profit agencies 4 things a non profit agency can do study disease provides funding for research promote public education provide services to victims of disease Non-profit Agencies use health care workers and volunteers Outpatient Services Medical procedures or tests that can be done
in a medical center without an overnight stay 3 types of specialties seen in medical offices are Physical
Therapy- treat memdical problems that limit patients ability to move.
treatment for cancer patients, radioactive rays that kills cancer cells MRI Scans- detect problems within the body and the brain, and displays the images on a screen to be anaylzed What is a clinic? A clinic is a health care facility that is primarly devoted to the care of outpatients
Types of Clinics Urgent/Emergency

for emergency situations, quick and for minor illnesses Health Department

Offers certain services such

Food Stamps Specialized

Such as rehab, physical therapy, and wellness and prevention Emergency care services

are services that provide treatment to those in need of urgent medical care Ambulance
Fire Dept.

These are all funded by the govt. Medical/Dental Labs

provide cleanings, checkups, physicals,exams, minor surgery and dental care services Hospice A type of care that focues on terminally ill patients 24/7 bed side assistance,
family visitations are not limited are also nice, and form fitting for the individual
also one and one treatment for the patient
Local towns Mental Health facilities -Describes lack of a certain level of cognitive
or emotional wellbeing
-Patients are not mentally compotent to live in society Psychological resilence Drug Rehab Emotional Resilience School Health Services -Medicataions
-Inform parent
-Promotes health ed - Cleansing of chemical dependent patients
- help patients to get "clean" Unstable patients that suffer from life changing experiences, help them get back on their feet.
- Rape victims
-Death in family
-Various life threating situations Patients that need psychological help, and have suicidal, or abnormal thoughts.
-Thoughts of killing
-Suicide attempt
-Self mutiliation
-Psychotic THE ENDDDDD!!!
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