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Jean tinguely

No description

Abigail Reno

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Jean tinguely

Background Information
Born in Fribourg, Switzerland in 1925
Became interested in movement at a young age
Studied painting and sculpture at Basel School of Fine Arts from 1941-1945
During WWII, many refugees across Europe fled into Switzerland
Moved to Paris
He then began his work on kinetic sculptures (metamechanicals)
Painting Machines
continuously painting abstract patterns
Destruction as a means of achieving art
-Homage to New York

symbolizes the overproduction of material goods
continuous change, movement and instability in society
Implications in the Classroom
Example of unconventional art
Changes in society can be shown through art
Kinetic and Potential energy
robot-like contraptions made of sheet metal and wire
part move and spun at various speeds
Jean tinguely
Lesson Plan
Students can make their own Tinguely sculpture
Materials: Washers, nuts, bolts, string, tape/glue
Talk about where the potential and kinetic energy is when the students play with their own sculptures
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