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Yearbook Theme Development

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Christine Chang

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Yearbook Theme Development

How theme relates to school: Why I selected this theme: Theme:
- displays Pioneer's diverse environment
- embraces each wildcats' uniqueness
- magazine based layout/format Title: Younique
Other Title options:
- Felis Silvestris (the scientific term for wildcat)
- Diversity Mug Articles - our school is diverse in:
> cultures (ethnicities, traditions)
> strengths (academics, sports, service, etc.)
- pre-teens & teenagers (middle school students) enjoy reading magazines in their free time:
A magazine layout yearbook would represent that students read magazines in their middle school years. In the future, students may not read magazines as much because of the world's changing technology. Content:
What makes you unique?
(students write about what they think makes themselves stand out)
How does diversity at school affect you? Yearbook Theme Development by: Christine Chang - this theme specifically applies to our school because we have a diverse culture, but each student stands out
- theme stands out because each student at our school stands out to create a diverse school
- not cliche theme
- each students' uniquenesses is portrayed in the yearbook => helps students remember their peers => students remembers precious memories with their peers Graphics Sidebars The Highlight What stood out as an unforgettable memory in the class/event?
(a student describes something that stood out to them, relating to the page) Diversity Analysis Compare and contrast two different aspects. example:
> "The way Mr. Payne was so laidback in PAL made me that elective very unique..." example topic:
> 6th graders vs. 8th graders
> PAL vs. ASB Culture Question One student asks about another student's culture/tradition. example topic: How do you celebrate Easter and why? A New Beginning Multiple events can represent a new, different beginning for students. Describe an event that was different and changed you. example topic: How is middle school different than elementary school? YOUnique Opening/Closing Content:
- Define being unique in your own words.
- How does diversity represent our school? Mug Article Layout Ideas We can make the article pop out through shadow to create a "3-D" look. We could have a picture of the person the mug article is about popping out from their article like this article's picture displays. We can have the mug article and picture pop out in circles from another picture like this magazine shows. This magazine article format can serve as a sidebar layout for "Diversity Analysis" because it compares two different items. This magazine sidebar is an idea for the "A New Beginning" sidebar layout because it shows two different sides: one that represents the past and one that represent the new beginning. This picture can develop to be the sidebar layout of "The Highlight" because it shows bright colors and the lightbulb represents remembering the memory that stood out This picture gave me an idea for headlines of the pages because I can really imagine the letters standing out. This cartoon-sketch picture of people gave me an idea to have some people to be sketched as part of the background because sketched drawings give students a wide range to make the person unique, like my theme emphasizes on. I like this graphic because it shows a 3-D aspect to "Stand out" and urges readers to flip the page The chalk drawing makes the chicken look 3-D and stand out. This could influence the background of the pages and pictures to make items stand out. Color Palette: I chose this color palette because a few colors pop out like each student is unique and stands out. The colors really match and come together like out school does. I also liked this color palette because it is not directed for girls or boys, but it still pops out. The green and purple are opposite colors so it represents how each student on campus is different, but the gray and white (more of neutral colors) show how our school still comes together, This table of contents of a college magazine gives me an idea of how the title page of our yearbook can be based on.
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