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Textile Industry-Tanner J. Buwalda

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Curt DeYoung

on 13 April 2018

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Transcript of Textile Industry-Tanner J. Buwalda

Early Textile Industry By: Tanner J. Buwalda
Fist Factories-Samuel Slater
Many people were trying to start businesses in America. The first textile factory started when Samuel Slater came to America from England.

He was a cotton spinner apprentice in England but came to America and started his own business.

His first factory had 72 spindles, powered by 9 children pushing pedals.

The power source was later replaced for water. From that beginning many other factories would come to appear.

Young unmarried women usually worked in the mills

The job had low pay

Although it had low pay, the girls enjoyed having the freedom of working in the mill and not having to be on the farm where they came from.
Effect of the Mills
People from rural areas moved to the cities by mills

Cities with 8,000 people or more increased its population by 90 percent

Completely changed how people dressed

People could afford more clothes and the poor started to copy the wealthy's fashion.

Interesting Facts
Families didn't have to weave anymore because the mills provided that service

It was a good source of job opportunity

By the civil war there was 2 million spindles, 1,200 cotton factories, and 1,500 woolen factories

Other businesses began because of the first textile factory

Affect on the Modern World

The textile industry allowed people not to spin their own cotton. That affects today because without the textile industry, we might still be spinning our own cotton and making clothes. Other inventions also helped the industry take off and helped clothes be made very quickly and brought in a lot of money.
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