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Extended Essay and World Studies Extended Essay

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Angela Riviere

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Extended Essay and World Studies Extended Essay

Behind the scenes Supervision Planning Getting it right The Extended Essay and
World Studies Extended Essay Some EE facts You might think this is you at the end of the process... But hopefully, you will have this.... A grade that reflects the best of your abilities The EE/WSEE asks students to engage in independent research through an in-depth study of a question relating to one of the DP subjects they are studying. The world studies extended essay option allows students to focus on a issue of global significance which they examine utilising an interdisciplinary approach, through the lens of two DP subjects. Compulsory
externally assessed
independent research
approved subject
formal piece of work
4000 words
40 hours What the examiners say... History A carefully chosen,highly focused, limited, clear and unambigious RQ! English A1 A clear, logically developing argument supported by illustrative examples taken from the primary texts and subjected to close analysis. Visual Arts An original (possibly local) topic/research question or an old more universal topic with a fresh twist. A questionning of the related literature. Good images well integrated and discussed within the text. A sense of passion and committment. A balanced appraisal of visual aspects and the socio-cultural functions of art / architecture / design in society. Chemistry 1. Choose a carefully focused topic where you can use two different practical ways to address it. You can then make a good argument by comparing the merits and disadvantages of both methods.
2. Be sure to use secondary sources as well as the results of your own practical work and evaluate and analyse these secondary sources as well as your own experimental work. This will help to put your work into an academic context. Economics A good economics essay requires a narrowly focussed research question on an area of interest for the economics student. The choice of primary and/or secondary research to support the research questions is crucial as is the ability of the student to analyse the data collected. Once the data has been collected and analysed, students are required to make well-reasoned conclusions related to research question. In 2012:
56837 essays submitted
Marked by 860 examiners averging 66 essays each.
The most popular subjects were:
History - 13477
English A1 - 6239
Biology - 4049
Psychology - 3865
Economics - 3153 What supervisors cannot do:
•Correct spelling and punctuation
•Correct experimental work or mathematics
•Re-write any of the essay
•Indicate where whole sections of the essay might be better placed
•Proof read the essay for errors
•Correct bibliographies or citations Think about how to make the most of your supervision sessions:
go prepared with issues to discuss
reflect on previous discussions and be prepared to show how you have progressed
do not expect your supervisor to do your thinking for you
use your supervisor as a sounding board for ideas and arguments At this time of year DP students are starting on a long journey....... An in-depth interdisciplinary study of an
issue of contemporary global significance. World Studies Extended Essay The chosen topic must address both an issue of global significance, and invite an interdisciplinary approach. The most successful topics reveal connections between specific and/or local places, people, phenomena or experiences, and the larger global framework in which they take place.

Shows the development of global consciousness in a researcher’s reflection space WSEE - essential feature Crafting a research question does not begin with the subject but with the issue

Real problems often invite an interdisciplinary approach

Different individuals bring different perspectives, areas of expertise, and interests to the same topic

Spending time thinking about the issue and exploring multiple points of interests will yield a rich research question (Eric Sturm 2012) Interdisciplinary Research Global themes Science, technology and society
Equality and inequality
Culture, identity and language
Conflict, peace and security
Environmental and/or economic sustainability
Health and development An example... Initial steps in your planning...... Choose a subject
Read the relevant section in the EE guide
Choose a topic
Formulate a RQ
Plan the investigation
Plan the structure
Undertake initial reading
Carry out investigation
Write your EE You don't want to end up stranded Academic Honesty
In teaching, learning and assessment, academic honesty serves to promote personal integrity, engender respect for the integrity of others and their work, and ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they acquire during their studies.
DP subject guides Why is academic honesty important? Before I begin work on an assignment…

I check to see that I understand all the requirements of the assignment; and if I don’t understand, I ask my teacher
I plan my schedule and understand the time I need to complete the assignment
For a group assignment, I make sure I understand the expectations of each individual in the group How do I display academic honesty? While I’m doing an assignment…

I keep accurate research notes that include information on the sources I’m consulting
I keep a copy of all my drafts leading to the final version I will submit
I fully acknowledge the sources using the referencing style approved by my teacher, and I cite the sources in a way that my teacher can find the information easily How do I display academic honesty? Before I submit an assignment…

I talk to my teacher if I anticipate problems in meeting the deadline
I do a final check of the accuracy of the information I am citing, and of the references and bibliography (especially hyperlinks to Internet sources)
I understand that my teacher or the IB has the right to pass the completed assignment through a plagiarism detection software (e.g., Turnitin.com) How do I display academic honesty? Sometimes reality gets in the way…

Time management – too much work to do, not enough time to do it all
Easy accessibility of information, papers, etc. on the Internet
Misunderstanding of important ideas related to academic honesty – what is ‘intellectual property’, and what information is in the ‘public domain’? what is the difference between ‘collaboration’ and ‘collusion’? Why isn’t academic honesty obvious? In 2012 of all the incidents they investigated, the Final Grades Committee found:
52% cases of plagiariam
25% cases of collusion
12% exam related incidents
11% cases of ethical breaches © International Baccalaureate Organization WSEE – what do you see,
think, wonder? © International Baccalaureate Organization World Studies Extended Essay © International Baccalaureate Organization World Studies Extended Essay What is academic honesty? Any Questions? Acknowledgements

International Baccalaureate Organisation
Photos courtesy of Angela Riviere and The Guardian
Cartoons taken from Cartoonstock.com Top tips: Start your planning early
Choose a topic that is realistic and sustainable
Have an idea of your research question but be prepared to refine this after your initial reading
Remember your EE is about answering your RQ - ensure that you refer back to it throughout your essay
If you choose to do an EE in a subject you are not studying do not expect to do well - you need a grounding in the subject
Don't leave everything to the last minute and expect to do well
Make sure you are familiar with the requirements for the subject you are doing your EE in
Understanding the assessment criteria is just as important at the beginning of the process as it is at the end
Use your supervisor as a critical friend
If you want work to be assessed don't put it in the appendices, examiners do not have to read them
The examiner does not know you and can only assess what they have in front of them so make sure your argument is clear By Angela Riviere
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