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Ch 1AT- Sports med & Athletic Training

No description

Jessica Truax

on 10 August 2017

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Transcript of Ch 1AT- Sports med & Athletic Training

Ch 1 AT : The AT Profession
Sports Medicine Athletic Training
What is Athletic Training?
Athletic training
is a profession dedicated to maintaining and improving the health and well-being of the physically active population and preventing athletics-related injuries and illnesses.
What is a Certified Athletic Trainer (AT)?
If a person is a certified AT then they have the credentials of ATC after their name.
example: Jessica Truax, M.Ed., ATC
If one is certified they are an "Athletic Trainer" NOT a "trainer"!
ATs are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians in prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses.
The National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) is responsible for establishing the standards of care and professional standards for the AT profession.
Roles of the AT
Injury prevention
Clinical evaluation and diagnosis
Immediate care of athletic injuries - CPR/First responder
Tx, rehab and reconditioning of athletic injuries
Organization and administration - document everything!
Professional Development and responsibility.
The Sports Medicine Team
Central Team
injured athlete
the parents/ guardians
the Team Physician

Peripheral Team
includes many medical and psychological professionals (ex: SAATs, DPT, DC, RN, FNP, dieticians, CSCS, etc...)
Sports Medicine
refers to the care of the physically active people who have suffered an athletic injury or illness.
How to become an AT
1. Currently requires a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from a CAATE approved university. Moving to Master's only in 2020.
2. Take and Pass the Board of Certification Exam (BOC) which shows an individual has achieved basic knowledge and skill to practice as an AT.
3. Many other states also require registration &/or licensure. CA does not have any requirements to practice as an AT!!!!
Classes required in an ATEP program:
-Risk management & injury preventions
-Pathology of injury & illness
-Orthopedic testing and diagnostics
-Medical conditions and disabilities
-Therapeutic modalities
-Sport Psychology/ Gen. Psychology
-Acute care of injuries and illness
-Conditioning and rehab exercise
-Admin. & prof. development
- Nutrition, etc...
AT Careers!
Scholastic Setting
Professional Teams
Youth Leagues
Sports Medicine Centers
Clinic Outreach & PT clinics
Fitness Centers
Industrial/ Manufacturing sites
Military & Law Enforcement
Performing Arts
Show me the $$$$
Unfortunately, if you want to be an AT you do it for love, not money.
Average AT salary is $36,000-$45,000. Varies based on your setting.
Over 70% of current ATs hold a Master's degree or higher!
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