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Another Yammer Group

No description

Kora M

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Another Yammer Group

Oh boy, another Yammer Group....
Any Worries?
Information & tool overflow!
No Facebook please!
No benefit in this!
I am already in many groups!
What about security?

Many Emails with many recipients
No discussion possible
I can't choose not to get distracted!
Difficult to find information later.
Only in contact with a few belts
Stop & Think!
How to change?
PARTICIPATE regularly on your own time, pace and responsibility!
ASK questions
Don't just ask but CONTRIBUTE
Why join the OE Yammer Group....
At the moment...
Why do many groups "fall asleep"?
Group is too small
Information is elsewhere too.
No engaged group mentor
No common interest

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