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Norse Goddess- Frigga

No description

Erin Owens

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Norse Goddess- Frigga

Frigga: The Goddess of Destiny
Frigga's Significance to Norse Mythology
The Weaving Together of Destiny
*Frigga was the protector of women in labor because she was looked at as the "All-mother." She assisted women in childbirth.

*Frigga was also called upon by the barren and was asked to bless them with children.

Loving Mother and Wife
*Frigga was married to the Odin, The All-Father. She was the the only one besides Odin to sit on The Hlidskialf Throne. Beside her husband she could see everything that was happening.

*Frigga bore two of Odin's sons: Baldur and Hoder.

A Mother's Love
*Having the power of prophecy she foresaw the death of her son Baldur.
*Frigga went to the air, fire,water, earth, animals, and plants making them promise to never hurt her son.
*For years he lived unharmed. But there was one weakness...
*The son of Odin and Frigga, Hoder was the blind god of Winter and darkness.

*After unintentionally killing his brother he was put to death by Odin's son Vali, the god of revenge.
Frigga's Legacy in the Stars
*The constellation Orion's Belt is Frigg's spinning wheel. As the nights stars rotate it resembles the spinning of Frigga's wheel of destiny.

*Our day of the week, Friday, comes from a Old English word which translates "day of Frigga."
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*Frigga was the goddess of weaving clouds and the threads of fate. She created destiny and had the power of prophecy but she never revealed it.

*Loki found that Baldur's one weakness is a plant called Mistletoe. This was the only plant that Frigga did not visit because she thought it was so small.
*Loki used his trickery to get Hoder, Baldur's brother, to shoot him with an arrow tipped with Mistletoe. Unknowingly Hoder shot the arrow and to everyone's shock and amazement Baldur fell to the floor. Dead.

Frigga and Odin's son Baldur was the god of light, purity, and everything good.
*He was loved by both gods and men which is rare.
* Baldur had one enemy. Loki. Consumed by jealousy Loki changed his appearance and found the one weakness that could kill Baldur.

Death by Mistletoe
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*Frigga, also known as frigg, is know as the goddess of love, marriage, childbirth, the goddess of destiny, and she has the power of prophecy.

*Frigga's name translate to mean "Wife" or "Beloved."

Roles Frigga Plays:
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