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Marketing Plan: Water Refilling Station

No description

Kirbie Mae Pacinabao

on 26 April 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Plan: Water Refilling Station

Marketing Plan: Water Refilling Station Business
Analysis of the Internal Environment
Situation Analysis
a. Strengths
Water is a basic need of a human being.
Purified water is cheap and most of the people can afford to buy it.
A small space could suffice the area needed for the business.
Aggressive/competent managers (MBA graduates)
High-end technology

b. Weaknesses
• Purified water is just a “want”. There is still tap water that could be used.
• There are already many refilling stations in the city.
• Dependent to electricity. Electricity fluctuations always happen in Koronadal City

SWOT Analysis
• Since it is quite easy to put up a water refilling business, it could be expected that new competitors may rise every now and then
• Scientists are developing a new technology that can desalinate sea water then make it potable. If it will be introduced and huge amount will be supplied through our common pipes, then, small purification business might experience loss.
• Due to global warming and increasing population size, tap water/raw water supply is getting scarce.

SWOT Analysis
SWOT Matrix
1) Demographic
2) Economic
3) Natural (Raw Materials)
4) Technological
5) Political
6) Cultural
External Environment
• Purified drinking water has become very essential due to cases of contamination in the tap water.
• Many people are getting health conscious and they want to ensure the safety of their family with clean water.

SWOT Analysis
1) The Company
2) Suppliers
3) Marketing Intermediaries
4)  Competitors
1. For every single order of ten gallons of Water Pa More, one free gallon will be given.

2. Delivery will be free of charge for a minimum of two gallons ordered.

3. For offices that do not necessarily mind costs since they have a budget, quality services must be highlighted. They must know and experience quality (clean) products, courteous client-approach and most of all, fast delivery.

Developing and sustaining long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with its clients. Finding potential clients everyday will be useless if the company cannot maintain a good relationship with them considering that water is a continuous need and people will easily replace you if they are not satisfied with your services.
Marketing Goals and Objectives

a. Marketing Goals
• Capture market share
• Establish brand name

b. Marketing Objectives
• Build up networks
• Develop excellent service delivery

Marketing Strategy

a. Primary (and Secondary) Target Market
- office/work sector.

b. Secondary target markets
- households

Branding Strategy
Pricing Strategy

Price per gallon is twenty pesos. This is a competitive pricing as others range from 20-30 pesos per gallon. Water Pa More also has a price index depending of bulkiness of orders:

11 gallons - PhP200 - save PhP20
23 gallons - PhP400 - save PhP60
35 gallons - PhP600 - save PhP100

• Increase brand awareness and brand recognition by formulating a catchy brand name, place the business in a very conspicuous location and broadcast beguiling radio advertisements during the initial month of the business.

• Increase public awareness on the dangers of contaminated and chlorinated drinking water; environmental benefits of water refilling (of large dispensers) over individual water bottles.

• Network with local business associations. By networking Water Pa More can build business through referrals and connections.

• Sustain relationships with clients by maintaining the quality of products and fast response or services.

Tactical Marketing Activities
Strategic Focus
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