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Euthanasia Should be legalize? discuse

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Antonio Da silva

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Euthanasia Should be legalize? discuse

Euthanasia Should be legalize? Discus Presented by: Olivia, Wayne,
Drew, Tony Aim of seminar
Participant Interaction
Question and answer session
Input and recommendation Seminar Overview Semester 2 seminar activity Academic English for University studies Guide for Seminar Tony: Introduction and legal issue
Drew: Medical perspective
Wayne: Religion Perspective
Olivia: Patient and family perspective
Class discussion (rule play)
References list Definition: Euthanasia has been defined by the House of the Lord select committee on medical ethics (1994) as a deliberate intervention undertaken with the express intention of ending a life, to relieve intractable suffering. INTRODUCTION What is Euthanasia? Three forms of Euthanasia
1. Voluntary: People who want to end their life by a request, assisted suicide
2. Involuntary: People who consenting to own death but does not do.
3. Non-Voluntary: Unable to consent (infant and handicapped people) Introduction Euthanasia from Doctor Point of view Euthanasia from Doctor point of view Reason for Euthanasia
Right to die
Patient suffering
Resources consuming (War)
Healthcare spending Euthanasia from Patient point of view Euthanasia from patient point of view Those forms are defined as :

Active Euthanasia: Refer to action to take end life such as a lethal injection
Passive Euthanasia: Refer to failing to intervene life crisis Introduction Reasons against euthanasia

Social groups at risk of abuse
Possibility of getting better again Case study: Quilan and Caren
Legal battle
Influences Euthanasia form patient point of view Quiland and Caren case study

Definition of death, freedom to choose
Moral and legal issues: abortion right, patient’s life
Physician-assisted suicide
The quality of dying Euthanasia from patient point of view
Sterilization law killed three to four hundred thousand disabled

First operation: killed infants and children born with disabilities

In 1939, adult euthanasia by gas chambers and crematoria

In 1941, Hitler stopped gassing disable under the pressure of unrest victims, Euthanasia from patient point of view Issue
War resources consuming
Patient’s will
Social groups at risk of abuse
People with disabilities may have disadvantages to war courtiers, what will you do if you are the leader? Euthanasia from Patient point of view Euthanasia from religion point of view Euthanasia from Religion point of view Euthanasia from religion point of view Euthanasia from religion point of view Country that adopted Euthanasia
Holland 2001
Belgium 2002
Luxemburg 2009 Euthanasia from legal point of view Countries that allow arrangement
USA (Oregon, Washington,Montana)

Why other countries not legalize Euthanasia? Euthanasia from legal point of view Conclusion McCord, W 1993, “Death with dignity”, The humanist, vol.53 no.1 <http://proquest.umi.com>

Perrett ,RW 1996 “Buddhism, euthanasia and the sanctity of life”, Journal of Medical Ethics, vol.22, no.5, pg.309, http://proquest.umi.com

Schostak, RZ 1994,“Jewish ethical guidelines for resuscitation and artificial nutrition and hydration of the dying elderly”, Journal of Medical Ethics, vol.20, no.2, pg.93,< http://proquest.umi.com>

Anonymous, 2012, ‘Top doctor's chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year’, Mail Online, viewed at 09 August 2012,

Schneider, K2011, ‘Dr. Jack Kevorkian Dies at 83; A Doctor Who Helped End Lives’, The New York Times, viewed at 9 August 2012,

http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/04/us/04kevorkian.html?pagewanted=all References list 1. Euthanasia should be treat as legal

Supporting idea
Doctor moral stance
provide away to relieve extreme paint
Free up medical found to help other people Euthanasia form doctor point of view
Become a means of health
care cost containment
Physicians and other medical care
people should not be involved in
directly causing death
News: The NHS kills off 130000
elderly patients every year. World war and euthanasia fbvAnderson, K 1998, Euthanasia, viewed 10 August 2012, <http://www.leaderu.com/orgs/probe/docs/euthan.html>.

Encyclopaedia of Death and Dying 2012, Quinlan, Karen Ann, viewed 10 August 2012, <http://www.deathreference.com/Py-Se/Quinlan-Karen-Ann.html>.

Jewish Virtual Library 2008, Euthanasia, viewed 10 August 2012, <http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/judaica/ejud_0002_0006_0_06148.html>.

Jhon, P, 2010, International prespective; Legal status of Euthanasia and assisted suicide, Viewed 08 August 2012, [http://www.procon.prg. References list Dr. Jack Kevorkian Dies At 83; A doctor who helped end lives In 1991. Dr. Kevorkian showed his " suicide machine" Mr. Walburg de Jong: Euthansia is center of fundamental medical-ethical issue

Cultural shift: Regulating euthanasia by law require huge cultural shift

International prospective: There are only two for taking human life; Death sentence and war. Voluntary Euthanasia association one two Devalues human life
Become mean of health care 2. Euthanasia should not treat as legal? Easy attitude toward doctor
The value of Tolerance and
Open and pragmatic Why Holland Society Accept Euthanasia? Discussion If you a doctor, what will you do with the terminally ill patients?
If have a family that his/her life expectancy to survive is below 10%? Will you accept to take Euthanasia?
As a democracy and modern country will you allow your citizen to approach Euthanasia?
Is there any religions that accept Euthanasia? Thank you Euthanasia from Doctor point of view Euthanasia from doctor point of view Most of the religions against the euthanasia because they think this is not a relief for the patients but killing. The doctors take away patients’ right to live. The meaning of euthanasia is good death, in Greek language
In contrast people often relate it to the suicide. Because they have many similarities, people choose how to die and when to die, instead of following their destiny.
Suicide is an unforgivable sin in most of the religions. It is looked as abandon to the life given by God. All human lives have the equal value.
Life is the gift from God.
All human beings are valued, no mater his age, race, or religion.
Take of human’s life is prohibited.
Euthanasia is the escape of the responsibility which people need to suffer. The sanctity of life Firstly :protect and preserve the innocent
Secondly : this law cannot be broken regardless of the saturation.
The nature’s law make it hard for the euthanasia to be carry on because the death to the patient against the first law of it! God entrusts us with our bodies which we must keep safe and healthy It is people’s responsibility to protect this gift God gave us from damages, suicide is great irreverent.
People do not own their own body, it belongs to the God.
“only guard yourself, surly guard your soul…” ( Deut 4:9) The
Roman Catholic Church
1. Totally against euthanasia. Any act which deliberately brings about death is the same as murder.
2. Does accept using pain killing drugs which are meant to relieve pain, but may shorten someones life.
3. “Ordinary” treatments, e.g. feeding a patient must always continue, but “Extraordinary” treatments
such as a complicated operation that is unlikely to succeed need not be given.
Euthanasia is always wrong, but it is also wrong to keep a patient alive at any cost. People should be allowed
to die, but only when nature, or God, decides.
‘Euthanasia is a grave violation of the law of God Pope John Paul II, 1995 Some Christians would support euthanasia.
God and Christians are love. Love should release the patients from the pain. Euthanasia is a humanitarian way to do that.
Humans were given dominion over all living things by God (Genesis 1:28), i.e. we can choose for ourselves.
Jesus came so that people could have life if the life lose its quality then euthanasia could be good.
God gave humans free will. We can decide when and how to end our life. Other Christians are against euthanasia. They argue it is dangerous to make euthanasia legal.
1. God chooses when we are born and when we die, not us.
2. those pain and loneliness are the suffering from God to let us learn from it.
3. Suicide is selfish: it causes much pain to those left behind. It is harder to get over the death of a suicide, than someone killed in an accident.
4. “You shall not kill”. Suicide is murder of yourself.
Christians have a responsibility to look after and respect their bodies, because God lives in them. Euthanasia is not a humanitarian way to treat the patient ,especially those elderly who is very weak.
Jewish law states that life, even that of a terminal, demented, elderly patient is of infinite value; should be treated the same as the life of a young.
This comes from a classic case (yoma 83a) where mishnah directs that one must immediately remove debris that has fallen upon someone on Shabbat.(meaning)
This ruling is based on Judaism’s attributing infinite value to human life Judaism By remove the old man from the respirator shows the in favour of the young ones and is unfair.
When we do the euthanasia, it is like we are judging the “quality of life” and play the role of the God.
Every life-saving measure must be used to prolong life, otherwise will be unremitting. From Talmud, (ketubot 104a) What do you think is the value of life? Is euthanasia a kind of disrespect to it?

What is the real different between euthanasia and suicide, when people judge
them by the sanctity of life? Questions
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