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Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman

No description

Peyton Hannah

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman

Rising Action
Blake gets separated from his friends and must face the rides alone, then finds out that Cassandra is the leader of the park.

The setting was in a very mysterious amusement park. It is a park that is alive and can consume kids' souls if they don't complete 7 rides before dawn.
Main Characters
The initial main characters are Blake, his brother Quinn, Maggie, and her selfish boyfriend Russ.
Blake's younger brother, Quinn takes an acceleration pill, to get to the Phantom Carnival. Because of the pill he goes into a coma and gets teleported to the carnival.
Meanwhile, Blake then figures it out that his brother went to the carnival on the invitation, then takes it upon himself to go save his brother. So he calls his friends Maggie and Russ to help him.
Point of View
In our book "
Full Tilt
", it is told in first person. The person that narrates is our main character, Blake.

Inciting Incident
Blake's younger brother, Quinn, is angry when he is told that his mother is engaged.
Blake is the responsible member of his dysfunctional family. He must constantly look after his younger brother, Quinn, who is fearless and stupid. After going to Six Flags, Blake receives an invitation from a girl named Cassandra. The invitation is to a carnival that doesn't exist.
In the carnival Blake founds out that he must finish 7 deadly carnival rides by dawn to save his brother.
Falling Action
Blake's last ride takes him back to a bus accident he was connected to when he was younger. Blake will now have to face his fear and complete the ride or he will have let down everyone he loves.
Presentation By:

Rylee Johns, Michelle Lepenta,
Peyton Hannah, Nhat

When Blake was a child, he was in a school bus accident. The bus was cut off by a car which caused the bus to go over the edge of a bridge. Blake had to push through his classmates to get to the back of the bus where the emergency exit door was. Blake could not remember how he got out , leaving his classmates to their death. Now he feels guilt that lies within him throughout the course of the book.
Static Character
The theme of our book "
Full Tilt
" is
"Face our
and don't let them stand in our way."

The reason behind that is because through out the book Blake is afraid of rides but he must overcome his fear because he must save his friends.
Dynamic Character
Blake is the dynamic character of the book “
Full Tilt
.” He changes throughout the story from hiding from his fears to facing them. Through his bravery, Blake teaches us to face our fears and to not let them stand in our way.
In the book “
Full Tilt
” Carl is the static character. He stays the same throughout the story. Carl becomes engaged to Blake and Quinn’s mother which sets Quinn off. Carl stays happy even though he does not have Quinn’s approval on his mother’s engagement.
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