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Bushfires and Floods

No description

Olivia Parkes

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of Bushfires and Floods

Bushfire and Floods
Vic Floods
The Vic Floods were happening on the 13th-14th of January. fortunately there were no deaths, injuries and homes lost. the cost to fix things up was 122 million dollars.
4 things to reduce a house fire
Unlock ALL Doors because if you didn't unlock all your doors you might be in risk of catching on fire and you don't want to be running around the house panicking that your keys are in with the fire.
Supplied Bag already packed in reach. Having a supplied bag is useful because you will have more time to get out.
Reduce anything flammable. if you reduce the more things that can catch on fire in your house.
Have things to put out fire in handy.ALWAYS HAVE A FIRE SAFTY TOOL HANDY TO BE ABLE TO PUT OUT A FIRE.
Have the number 000 saved in your PHONE. it's much quicker to have the number 000 in your phone so it means more time that the firefighters come.

Black Saturday
The date of Black Saturday was the 7Th of February 2009. it was a tragedy with 173 deaths, 414 people injured, 2029 homes lost and the damage cost up to $1,070 to fix the burnt down houses.
Ash Wednesday
The date of ash Wednesday was the 16th of Febuary 1983. it was no big as Black Saturday but still sad with with 75 deaths, 1,500 people injured, 2000 homes lost and the damage cost up to $176 to fix the burnt down houses.
Melbourne Floods
The date of the Melbourne Floods was the 30th of November. It was flooded with 36 deaths an 400 homes lost. the flooding was caused by a storm that lasted for a week.
What is a bushfire
Bushfires and grassfires are common throughout Australia. Grassfires are fast moving, passing in five to ten seconds. Bushfires are generally slower moving, but have a higher heat output. This means they pass in two to five minutes.
Fire is both feared and harnessed. the indigenous aboriginals use fire to tell their story and for campfires. we might use them for campfires but bushfire are mostly a threat to us.
3 ways to determine a bushfire danger rating
these days technology can tell you so much on how the weather is going to be so my first idea to determine a bushfire Danger Rating would be to look at the weather on your phone or on the TV. They will give you this info you need to see if its going to be a total fire ban.
my second idea would be if you're driving in the coast and you see bushfire Danger Rating chart i recommend to stop and check it or if you cant stop take a quick glance and if you have a passenger get therm to look it up
my 3rd recommendation would be they have a new thing you can sign up to and if there is a fire you get this sms that lets you know its getting dangerous





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