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Emergency Readiness @ Home

Teaching Bostonians about sheltering-in-place and emergency preparedness.

Christina M.

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Emergency Readiness @ Home

Food safety is important anytime, especially during an emergency!
This is a great place for the family to stay when sheltering-in-place because it's a common area, easy to provide light for everyone and parents can keep an eye on kids and pets!
If your living room is small, usually this room is next largest space in the house and will make a good place for parents and kids to congregate should there be issues with electricity or heating while sheltering-in-place.
This is a great place to put your non-perishable food and additional supplies for your emergency kit.
Child Bedroom #1
Even if your kids are older they can help out during an emergency shelter-in-place order by keeping their rooms clean, making it easy to navigate in case they have to move quickly to find important items!

They can also take responsibility for entertaining and watching smaller siblings and pets, while parents work on larger priorities.
Entrances and Exits
In some emergencies, you need to make a fast getaway!
Don't make a bad situation worse by eating expired or contaminated food!
If you have to leave your home quickly, you should be sure the exits are clear and easily accessible.
The floor plan displayed is meant to serve as an example to help you understand the importance of knowing your home layout and putting your emergency supplies in easily accessible places for your entire family!
Take a look at how one person prepares her food supply kit.
This Prezi is for informational purposes only.
When you go food shopping, pick up additional non-perishable foods and water for your kit
An emergency kit is used when it is unsafe to leave your home and you have to shelter in place.
This is another mean of "egress" or exit in the event of a fire or other emergency where the front door isn't accessible or safe to use.
Learn more about emergency preparedness:
View our other Prezi: http://bit.ly/1bPbfxu
Visit our webpage: http://www.boston.gov/readyboston
Register for ALERTBoston: http://bit.ly/AlertBos
Follow us on Twitter: @ready_boston
Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/readybostonma
Make sure you keep your kids room as safe as possible by not blocking the exits with furniture and keeping toys out of the way to avoid tripping if you need to move quickly!
Be sure to have enough water for drinking, cleaning and hygiene to supply your whole family, including pets.
1 gallon, per person/pet, per day
at least enough for 3 days
great place to keep candles/flashlights for use at night during blackouts
Teach your children about emergency preparedness with our fun activity book featuring Ready Freddy!
After viewing our Prezi, take some time to familiarize yourself and family members with the layout of your home by creating a family communications plan and incorporating your newly created home blueprint into this plan!

You can view our digital family planner tool in 5 languages!
Keep your family communications plan (http://bit.ly/readybos) on your fridge so it's easily accessible in an emergency
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