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Copy of Writing alternate story endings

No description

Patrick Heck

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Writing alternate story endings

What is the purpose of writing an alternate ending?
Makes readers think about the text in a new way
Gives disappointed readers a chance at a more satisfying conclusion
What would happen if Peeta accidentally ate the poisonous berries at the end of
The Hunger Games
Ways to Approach Writing an Alternate Ending
1.) Conflict or solution-does the hero accomplish everything he/she wants to OR does it all fall to pieces? What happens? What key details change ? Why?
Cliffhanger Ending
2.) Maybe you want to leave the reader thinking. Force your reader to use his/her imagination by ending in an ambiguous or open-ended way.
Seek inspiration from others
Is there a story ending that you particularly enjoy?

4.) Take bits and pieces from it and see how you can apply them to your story.
What if Nemo was never found in
Finding Nemo
What if the old man in
kept going up until he landed on the moon?

Writing alternate story endings
What would happen if Rose made some room for Jack on the floating door in
What if Hazel died instead of Augustus in
The Fault in Our Stars?
What if Jonas never escaped with Gabriel to find "The Elsewhere" in
The Giver
Add some "You" into the story!
Ever want to jump into a character's shoes and make decisions for him/her?
3.) Add yourself or a character like you into the story. Are you the voice of reason for the main character or are you just another obstacle for him/her?
Think Deeper than the author!
5.) Is there something that the author forgot to consider when concluding the story? If so, explore it! What would happen if this idea was addressed?
Period 5 Student vs. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Task:Write an alternate ending to "The Adventures of the Speckled Band." Have fun and be creative! Write in your writer's notebook.
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