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Aneka Van hansen

No description

Aneka Van Hansen

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Aneka Van hansen

I LOVE dancing, singing, and theater. Last year I was the Emperor in Mulan.
Aneka Van Hansen
Things about me!!!

HELLO!! Some basic quick facts about me are that I am the youngest of three children, my brother who is 14 and in high school and then my sister is 18 and in college. I have a dog, Indi and 2 cats, Aria, and Cali. And as you know I am 12 and in seventh grade.
I LOVE to read!

I especially like to read fiction, but I would like to be able to engage myself better in non-fiction books.
These things have to do with facts feelings about me that have to do with academics / school.
I really want to improve my writing skill because I know that it is very important in most jobs and school.
I am not that fast at typing and copying down things.
I've always wondered what it would be like to be a teacher.
Also I would like to become a faster more efficient reader. Then I will be able to read more books.
My dream day
would be where
everyone would
just smile and
It bothers me
when we get a
tub of ice cream
and someone
scoops more out
of one side than
the other side or
they scoop too
much out of the
center so it isn't
My favorite
color is

because it is
a calm color
and looks really
I LOVE inspirational
and words.
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