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Perfecting Your Pitch

Advancing IDEAS Workshop presentation on developing a pitch for a busines concept

Kyle Gruen

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Perfecting Your Pitch

Perfecting your Pitch
Presented February 27, 2014
Kyle Gruen
Elevator Pitch Comparison
Why Pitch - is it all about money (Goals)?
How to pitch - communication skills, presentation style
What to Pitch -Pitch Elements
Who do you pitch to - know your audience
Example pitch reviews - elevator pitches
Questions and Answers
Elevator Pitch
Government funding
Cofounder Pitch
Advisory Pitch
Sales Pitch
Why Pitch?
set context, hook
introduce yourself and company
What to pitch?
Common Elements *
What's in it for the audience
Describe the problem you are solving
pain points of your customers
impacts / size of problem
Define your market
size of total market
addressable market
validation / proof
competition / alternatives
Explain how you will do it
Solution Oriented
x Product Description x
features vs benefits
Explain your Business Model
financial model
key action items and milestones
Describe your team:
skills, key experience
why you are the best to build this business
identify gaps in skills
The Ask
investment (valuation)
There are many shades of money:
:: Friends and Family (love money)
:: Government
:: New Venture specific funding
:: Venture Competitions
:: Angel Investors
:: Bank loans / line of credit
:: Partners or Customers
:: Venture Capital
:: Reverse takeover
- features sell
:: Dragons Den?
Who to Pitch to?
General Presentation Skills
1st impression / branding /likeable
know goals and match to your audience
identify or engage with audience
pay attention to time (VEF is 2 minutes, AngelForums 5-10 minutes plus Q&A etc.)
sell the business; not the product
less is more
choose to leave details for follow-up or Q&A
its ok if you don't have all the answers
How to Pitch?
The Non-Confidential
NDA challenges - many angels and VC's wont sign them
Focus On - Pain definition
Sell the abilities of your team
Sizzle vs. Steak - Benefits vs Features
Why vs. How
The main purpose of short pitches is to open a door, not close a deal
:: Forbes.com - Pitch Infographic
Make your presentation unique!
note: partner fit
two-way communication
knowledge / expertise
investment experience
risk tolerance
Taking on the wrong partner can have a huge impact on your business
Vancouver Examples:
Angel Forum
Green Angel
note: Gust.com <Angelsoft>
BCIT Innovates
New Ventures BC
Vancity Social Enterprize
Wavefront, Growlabs, BCIC
New Venture Debt funding:
Vancity Comunity Microfinance
past industry services manager CAP
heard 300+ pitches
CAP funding applications
Angel Forums and events
business pitches
sales pitches
gov't funding pitches
bplan pitches within large corporations
Current: Manage TopInstallers.com
If only it was this easy...
Shorter Pitches
30 sec - 2 minutes
:: Open
- ID problem, Intro company
:: Middle
- Solution, Team, Traction
:: Close
- ASK and closing thought
CREDIBLE - likeable :: memorable :: passionate
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