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The Role Of Social Networking in the eViP Programme

This presentation outlines the role of Web 2.0 in the eViP programme.

Sian Claire Owen

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of The Role Of Social Networking in the eViP Programme

The Role of Social Networking in the eViP Programme eViP in Brief But how do we spread the word? This gave us the following:

A robust platform for publishing a wide range of media.

A great way to disseminate information about the eViP programme.

Multiple channels for us to engage with the online health education community.

So, what happened? 288% increase in site traffic from June 2009 (site launch) to present date.

Page views increased from 8334 page views (June 2009 to April 2009) to 26,474 page views (June 2009 to April 2010)

Average three pages per visit

621 Twitter followers (no spam!)

2870 views on You Tube

But only 58 friends on Facebook!

It wasn't all plain sailing... Facebook is for socialising Twitter and Facebook are geographically localised Made the most of You Tube eViP attracts visitors from 110 countries around the world So what did we learn? Different tools engage different people in different ways. But there is always a great tool to get your message across eViP Do's and Don'ts Don't spread yourself too thin, Web 2.0-wise
DO experiment with different tools
(they're easier than they look, despite the silly names) DON'T overwhelm your audience with too much information! DO have something to say... ...AND SAY IT!!!! Thank you! www.virtualpatients.eu eViP Website

90 feature articles and interviews

34 videos produced (available on You Tube and on the eViP website)

30 audio recordings published

Coverage of ICVP 2010 & MedBiquitous Annual Meeting

Stockpile of content - all media types - for regular upload

Archiving information over the summer

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