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Resume Preparation Workshop

No description

Victor Carreras

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Resume Preparation Workshop

Resume Preparation Workshop
Other workshops available:
Job Search Planning
Online Job Search Tactics
Sign up at the Resource Center!
Topics of discussion in this workshop:
Cover Letters
Transferable skills
Thank you notes (after the interview)
Cover Letters
What is a Cover Letter, and What Does It Do?

A cover letter is a personal letter that you send with your resume. It's the first thing the manager sees when she opens your envelope or email.
It’s your chance to create rapport - your reason for contacting the employer.
It replaces the objective statement on a resume.
Not everyone includes a cover letter with their resume. It shows that you are serious enough about becoming employed, and may put you ahead of other candidates

Types of Resumes

Transferable Skills
What are Transferable Skills?

They are skills we often don't think about!
We all list our skills that we learned at work, but what about:

Skills learned in other life activities
Raising a family
Working with things
Working with people
Working with data
Working with words and ideas
Leadership abilities
Artistic and creative abilities
References Do's and Dont's!
Coach your references
Collect all the details for each reference
Consider different categories of references (educational, personal, professional)
List your references on a separate page
Make sure that your references have something good to say about you
Think strategically about reference choices

Do not:
Bother using generic letters of recommendation
List names of your references on your resume
Forget to thank your references for their help

Thank you notes
Who gets a thank you note?
Employers, employment contacts and references

How do I say thank you?
In person, by email, by phone, mail or hand written note

What should I include in my thank you note?
A brief statement of appreciation for the opportunity
Expression of continued interest
Final thank you for their consideration
Date and time you will follow up if previously agreed upon

When to send a thank you note?
No later than 24 hours after the interview
Presented by
A resume is a written document that contains a summary of your work experience, including positions held at each employer and your educational background.
No Experience
Resume Layout
Resume Rules of Thumb

First and foremost, your resume should be specific to the position you're applying for
Incorporate transferable skills
Quantify your duties and accomplishments
Limit length to 1-2 pages
Extend employment history back 10 years
Use bullets to define items, and keep points short and concise
Use bold and italicized fonts to make headers stand out
Use a professional font
Use an appropriate email address
What is a resume?
Examples of Transferable Skills

If you've ever worked as a server, you most likely have developed
time management
, and
interpersonal skills
If you've cared for children, you've probably cultivated the
ability to multi-task
manage conflict
If you've ever coached a sports team, or been in charge of a club, then you'll have experience with
Helpful Resources:

Too much information crammed into the space; difficult to read
Unorganized and uneven layout
Typos - make sure to proofread and use spell-check
Recipient's name being spelled wrong
Acronyms and slang wording
Things to Avoid:
Contact Information: this is how the employer can get in touch with you.

-Your full name
-Your current address
-Your cell and/or home phone number
-Your personal email address
Contact Information
Objective Statement: statement of your goals for employment; optional
Skills Section: includes your skills and abilities that are related to the job you are applying for
Work Experience: your employment history; include the name of the company, the position you held, your dates of employment, and a bulleted list of your responsibilities and accomplishments
Education Section: highlights relevant schooling and
academic training. Include: Name of the school, school
location, date of graduation, degree earned
Your resume has a specific purpose - to get you the
interview! It's basically your personal advertisement,
so you want to make sure it's top-notch.
Finding Material For Your Job Descriptions

Formal job description of your position as listed by your company
Job descriptions that are similar to your own listed by other companies
"How-to" resume books that list specific resume examples
Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook
O*NET Database
Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook:
O*NET Online:
Resume Preparation Workshop
Use numbers to make your accomplishments stand out!

Which of these statements pack more of a punch?

Answered phones at the front desk

Managed switchboard with 10 incoming lines, effectively receiving and routing an average of 200 calls per day
More Examples...
-Responsible for filing forms for multiple departments
-Responsible for maintaining a file system of 90 forms for 6 separate company departments

-Trained and managed new employees
-Managed a staff of 15 employees, to include training and performance review of each individual

-Greeted clients
Greeted up to 50 clients per day, cultivating rapport and a friendly environment
Thank You!
“This is not a resume, but the evolution of passion throughout the years of diligent work on the way to becoming an expert”-N Genious Art
A portfolio is a brag book that shows your catalog of skills, experience and qualifications.
What should be included in a portfolio?
Copies of your resume
Professional Licenses
Special trainings
Take it with you to all your interviews!
Questions an employer might ask your references:
Describe how do you know the candidate and for how long?
Describe the client's honesty and integrity
Is the candidate a team player?
How well does the candidate works under pressure?
How well does the candidate take constructive criticism?
Would you hire him/her?
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