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David Sedaris

Project for ENG 232 on David Sedaris Michigan State University

Angie Hyatt

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of David Sedaris

David American Funny Man Sedaris Angie Hyatt, Katie Peltz, Dave Bruhn, and Megan Kendall Based Upon -Naked
-Barrel Fever
-Me Talk Pretty to Me
-American Life
-Dress your family in Corduory and Denim
-Holidays on Ice We are Family Second Born of Six:
Born In New York State
Raised in Raleigh, NC Middle Class OCD and Tourette's Sticking nose to windshields of cars Licking newspapers Moving back and forth But, he calms down these compusivities by smoking... "It wasn't one of those 'I'm going to miss you' things, but something sadder and more desperate than that. I wouldn’t know it until months later, but my father had kicked me out of the house not because I was a bum but because I was gay.” The Talent Family Educated Duke University
(no degree) Kent State University
(no degree) Western Carolina University
(no degree) Chicago Institute of Art
(writing degree) "One day while he was in school he left his seat twenty-eight times in one day. When the teacher came to his house to have chat with his mother, they ended up just have drinks and laughing about his behaviors." Have Faith "My displeasure intensified with the appearance of each new sister.
'You have how many children in your family?' the teachers would ask. 'I'm guessing you must be Catholic, am I right?'
It seemed that every Christmas my mother was pregnant. The toilet was constantly filled with dirty diapers, and toddlers were forever padding into my bedroom, disturbing my seashell and wine-bottle collections." Born and raised Greek Orthodox Forced to go to church until he was 17 Rise to the Top - Santa Land Diaries "I am a thirty-three-year-old man applying for a job as an elf." 2001 Humorist of the Year
[Time Magazine] #1 New York Times Nonfiction Best Seller Thurber Prize for American Humor 7 million copies in print
25 different languages Nominated for three Grammy Awards for Best Spoken Word and Best Comedy Album Let's Be Critical humorous, self- deprecating, cynical Humorist David Sedaris does not pull any punches when he writes about his family's quirks, but he also "mocks himself and explore cross-cultural absurditis," write People's Sean Daly Sedaris ain’t the preeminent humorist of his generation by accident — Whitney Pastorek, Entertainment Weekly
“Sedaris has hit upon the narrative equivalent of Pepsi, or the PlayStation, or oxygen, or the haircut: something that others in the world might actually want and find useful. . . He’s smart, he’s caustic, he’s mordant, and, somehow, he’s . . . well, nice”
— Bill Richardson, Toronto Globe and Mail “Sedaris’s droll assessment of the mundane and the eccentics who inhabit the world’s crevises make him one of the greatest humorists writing today”
— Chicago Tribune
“Sedaris belongs on any list of people writing in English at the moment who are revising our ideas about what’s funny. ”
— San Francisco Chronicle "She's beautiful," he breathes, as though this were the most natural thing in the world. "And her skin! You know," he adds quite seriously. Deadpan. It's his signature. "I don't think she has pores." he's a humorist - his writing is very funny, satirical, straightforward yet tongue-in-cheek at the same time, he taps into the human condition by celebrating our foibles and charms Class Connections Exaggeration The importance of revision Writer's Therapy Anyone's Personal Experience In Action
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