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BoA's one year anniversary

No description

Miyu Yashieme

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of BoA's one year anniversary

BoA's one year anniversary
One year ago, on the 20th is when I got the magical little advertisement for The Hunger Games roleplay. I did not like joining roleplays, I could never find one that I found worth while so whenever I gave it a try I always ended up leaving soon after. I wasn't even going to look at the roleplay, assuming it probably be like the rest, but two days after I received that little advertisement I was still thinking about it so eventually I gave it a look. I ended up joining that day, intrigued by everything about it but fully expecting to leave a few weeks, maybe a month in, but now its a year later and I'm so happy I didn't forget about the little advertisement. Because that day not only did I join an amazing roleplay but I was accepted into the wonderful family you have all created. I can't really express to you guys how much you all mean to me. I know I tried leaving once but now that I think about it I know I am definitely not ready to leave yet and I'm so glad you all convinced me to stay. Thank you

with all my problems. You guys are all truly amazing! And

all of the ToT's, I hope you guys come to love this roleplay and group of people
I do because its amazing and worth it!
Miyu (BoA)
everyone for accepting me and
putting up
just as much as
Chu, Jenny, and Leo
Well I said pretty much everything in my first note but I really wanted to just take the time to personally thank just you three for a wonderful year. I know I said my thanks on the Roleplays one year anniversary but I really hope you guys know how much it means to me. This has been a hard year for me as Chu and Jenny know (sorry Len) but you guys always try your best to make me as well as everyone else feel welcome as well as making the roleplay as awesome as it is today. You guys are wonderful and so very patient to put up with needy roleplays like me and I thank you so much for that. You three are amazing and hard working and I hope I will be able to spend more time with you guys and the roleplay!! Thank you so much for all you do and all your support.

Tanja, Ursula, and Lindi
Okay so really....I don't know what I'm suppose to really say to you guys so pardon me if this comes off as just a bunch of nonsense. But really what am I suppose to say to you three? Because through this entire year of being in the games you three are the three I have connected to the most. You all have been wonderful and the times we roleplay together are a lot of fun, even if one of you try to kill me every time we meet.....or the other tries to eat me constantly......I still love those moments (and of course I just love Fairy Princess Chub Chubs.) So I guess I just want to say thank you for not only becoming my friends but like a family to me, and for listening to my endless amount of issues and not judging me for them. Just know Noona/Unnie (IC and OOC wise) loves you!
Sunny, Chaerin, Fei, and V
So I don't know your real names but thats okay. So I just wanted to make this little section for you guys because all though we haven't rolepayed very much (with the exception of V) you guys talk to me all the time in OOC and are very kind and supportive. Thank you sunny for being my friend when I rant about how injured I make BoA and thank you Chaerin for taking on the little annoyance I call Saiya (hehehe) and Fei because although we only talk briefly you are such a caring person to be worrying about my feelings when I'm being picked on, it means a lot. And then there's V who is always wonderful to talk to and I love your character despite him punching me in the boob or trying to stab out my eye. Thank you guys for being there and I hope we can talk more!
Hya and Chels
Okay, so I know you two are no longer in the roleplay and stated that you probably wont come back, but I still felt like I should write you guys something. First off I want to say that I miss you guys a lot, but I understand why you left, whether it be personal reasons or you just lost your muse for the roleplay, I understand. But I just want you guys to know I still, as well as many people, care about you and all you did for the roleplay. Because even though you guys left, Krystal and Kyungsoo (even Seukhya), they're still you guys and no one can play them better. I hope you guys are doing well and I hope you know I love you!
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