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Copy of Effects of the war

No description

Nich Kuip

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Effects of the war

Effects of the war Yalta conference
First of 3 war time meetings after the war in 1945, to discuss reorganistion and re- establishments.

Present were heads of the US, UK, and the soviet union. (Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin)..

They made plans to reorganise/rebuild Europe.

Lead to the creation of the United Nations, and the NATO (North atlantic tready organisation.)

Also lead to Anglo-American Alliance,which stated that america could no longer remain isolated from the rest of the world.

Potsdam conference
Last of the main war time meetings after the war.
A lot had changed after the Yalta conference.
America had a new president (Truman) and the UK had a new prime minister( Clement Attllee).

At this conference they agreed to the proscution of war criminals.
Germany's eastern border was to be shifted westwards.
Division of Germany and Austria.

World War 2 Ends
Everyone is scared
Must prevent war
Allies set postwar goals
Millions Stranded
•United States must intervene.
•WWII has left millions of innocent Jew's stranded without homes.
•Hitler with his constant brainwashing made the Jewish people resented by many.
•No one will take them in, left homeless from the war.
•The United Nations solution is to give the Jewish people their own country, own land, a place to start a new.
•This new land becomes known as Israel, it is placed over what was once Palestine.

End to American Isolationism
•America can no longer remain isolated.
•America comes to an agreement after the two conferences.
•America becomes a global authority policing the world.
•This ends American Isolationism.

War Time Trials
Many Nazi Germans tried for crimes during the war dealing with the Holocaust.
Not only are enemy soldiers tried for crimes but American soldiers as well.
For the first time in history soldiers who risked their lives fighting for our country could be tried like a criminal for their mistakes in war. Global Powers Clash Heads
•Tension brews between Super Powers, The Soviet Union and the United States fight for power.
•Vast amounts of technological advances are seized after Germanys defeat.
- Schematics for tanks, rockets, and jet technology etc. end up not only in the hands of Russia but the United States as well.
•All of this creates a race to the top, the United States and Soviet Union both try to become the global super power....... This leads to the Cold War!

The End of the League of Nations
The League of Nations failed to prevent war.
In 1945 a new international alliance was formed and then created.
The United Nations or UN took its place.
The Rise of Communism in the East
•China Rises to power under Mao Zedong, the Soviet Union continues to rain.
•The UN along with a number of nations that believe in Democracy.
•Each side the planet is dominated by two forms government that have never gotten along.
Countries Separated
Germany is being kept under watch after WWII.
The United States along with other members of the UN stay occupied in Germany.
The Soviet Union claims the East side and the UN the West.
Tension brews and during the cold war the Berlin Wall goes up. Conflicts Rise
•Jumping ahead to today the placing of Israel over Palestine could have been a mistake.
•The Jewish people were placed over sacred Muslim territory.
•This obviously leads to lots of global conflict all the way up to today.

The Cold War
•A new war comes around where shots are not fired.
•New Technology are developed in a race to be the best between the Soviet Union and the United States.
•Vast amounts of weapons and military hardware are produced and stored in preparation for war by both countries.
•These two super powers are trying to out produce each other and cause the other to fold.

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