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LeAnne Middlebrook

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of BATMAN

The Philosophy of...
There are many different realities:
Batman's reality
Bruce Wayne's reality
Theory of Forms
The different variations of batman's individual realities
The Reality in Batman
Plato's Allegory of the Cave
Technically you could say that to Gotham Batman is god.
We define god, as all-powerful being that is completely independent and supreme.
Not everyone believes that god exists, due to him or her never having seen him.
This is similar to Batman. He is an all-powerful never losing being, who doesn’t follow society's rules, and just does his own thing.
The people don’t even know if he truly exists, many believe that he is just a rumor, that he doesn’t exist at all, that it is really the police stopping the criminals in the city.
In addition to this, like those who believe that god exists because he “spoke” to them, one of the only people that believe that Batman is real is police commissioner Gordon, because Batman has talked to him.

The World
Many could argue that fate is evident in Batman, given that in all of the different universe's Bruce Wayne's parents Must die for him to become Batman. In addition to this he must be around the same financial stature, and of a similar intelligence for Batman to even be a possibility. *Breaking the 4th wall(It could also be said that since it is a comic, and therefore scripted, it technically is unchangeable.* The writer could be considered to be "god" in this situation.
The main villain in the Dark knight Rises is Bane; who is well acquainted with the dark. Bane was raised in a place that is similar to the prisoners cave in the allegory.
Batman realizes that due to Bane Gotham’s light has been snuffed out by the darkness
Gotham needs something to bring the light back; a sun of sorts; which would be Batman
Batman gives the people hope, which is their light. Batman then realizes that reality is subjective; his vision of the “sun” is a reality where he does not fight crime, and can relax in retirement.

Bane is the prisoner of Gotham’s cave like Plato's prisoners, which is why he thinks he is liberating the people of Gotham (because he has never left the cave)
Batman is capable of seeing the dark and the light, but is unable to distinguish which is the proper choice; like the prisoner who was the first to see the sun
The Dark Knight and the Allegory of the Cave both demonstrate that reality is merely what you make of it; that there isn’t a correct way to live your life.
Batman is capable of choosing to stay in his capes and bat-a-rang’s, or to live the life of luxury by being Bruce Wayne.
And the continuation...
Are they People too?
Bruce Wayne's religious Experience
Bruce traveled all over the world to study martial arts
Not only did he study martial arts, but he also studied different Eastern religions, philosophies, and life styles.
In Detective Comics #599, part of the 3-part "Blind Justice" story arc that commemorated Batman's 50th anniversary, flashbacks about Batman's training in the Orient show him studying under Chinese and Japanese spiritual/martial arts teachers, seeking "enlightenment" and " gaining the ability to endure suffering."
Many believe that Bruce Wayne himself is of the Episcopalian belief.
Bruce Wayne's parents were believed to be Christian or Episcopalian.
Those who believe that Batman comes from an Episcopalian family generally consider his immensely wealthy and aristocratic social standing, a niche that is certainly associated with Episcopalians more than any other American denomination.
Family and Personal Religion
Is a long debated topic. Batman has a very strong sense of morality, even when he is faced with the ultimate enemy, the Joker, Batman remains true to his beliefs and does not end his life because that is what he believes is the right thing to do.
The question is; is this a bad thing? It goes against societies ethics like society many of us are thinking "Just let him die." that thought is the utilitarianism part of us all the ethical side of society states that the needs of the many outweigh that of the few, Batman however does not believe this. To him each individual person has their own right to life and a place in the world, which is why that instead of taking the "easier" way out, and killing any or all of his enemies, he tries to help them however he can- hence Arkham Asylum.
Ethics & Morality
In batman's world it is very similar to how our world works( asides from the comic-book-ness of it), it mainly involves logical courses and mindsets. For example; The knowledge is attained the same way for them as it is for us, in Batman universe they learn through schooling, training under masters, and through general knowledge.
In addition to this the flow of time is practically the same as well, there are many versions demonstrating characters aging, like in Batman Beyond (old Bruce and new batman Terry Mcginnis) They also have the time traveling aspect of it making it more unreal.
Politics of
They have a government, mayors, and courts of justice.
In a way you could say that Batman is the Leviathan
He creates his own rules and does whatever he pleases to keep everything intact
The Leviathan is allowed to take away freedoms from those in the society in return for protection, although batman isnt a recognized Leviathan, he does take away others rights and freedoms for their ultimate protection
The Leviathan is also an idea not a person, and Batman is also just a concept not a person.
The law is divided by those who believe that the good that Batman causes outweighs the bad, but there are also others who believe that Batman is breaking the law and therefore must be punished.
An example would be the Dark Knight Movie; how many people debate that the overall damage Batman causes is worse than the good he caused.
The Meaning of Life
Each belief can be found through the diverse universe of Batman
: The
believes that logic of the world should be able to eliminate all dissatisfaction and complaints. He is constantly testing Batman's intellect to see who is ultimately more intelligent. The Riddler would most likely agree with Aristotle's philosophical methods.

: The
has often been found saying"That life is a meaningless joke." he finds no value in material things, relationships, social standing, or anything that is held at any value in our society. Also that to grow we must suffer first.

Poison Ivy
, believes that it is found in the harmony of nature, that leaving things to progress naturally is the proper way to live. For her this connection is easier since she is one with nature.

, who seeks immediate satisfaction in acts, he would most likely fall prey to the marshmallow experiment.
The Meaning of Life (Continuation)

Robin(Dick Grayson)
only seeks friendship, he wants to be apart of Bruce's world. He accepts those around him in an attempt to gain friendship.

Atheistic existentialism:

is a driven hardworking woman, who believes that if you want something you must take it, which is due to her hard upbringing. Which is why she can relate to Batman's clearly hard up bringing.

Theistic existentialism:

Young Bruce Wayne
is a believer in god, but still understood at a young age that you must still work hard for things yourself. Which is why he strives to succeed
Aristotle was a scientific philosopher
Who believed that logic was an organ or tool to acquire knowledge
Created deduction and induction to come to scientific conclusions
Created "golden mean"
Is one of the many scientific super heroes
Uses deductive reasoning to come to conclusions; doing experiments, comparing data
Attempts to use the "golden mean" when it comes to being Bruce Wayne or Batman; he usually fails, wearing the cape far more often than he should
Soren Kierkegaard
"By becoming lost in everything we know we forget what it is to exist." - Bruce is so passionate about what Batman does that he starts to lose himself, there are many times when Bruce should stay home due to holidays, injuries, important events, or just go out to live life, but he instead stays as batman

"Each decision made might not be the right one" - this ties into Batman's morals and ethics, Batman is constantly forcing his own moral and ethical code on others
Thank You For Watching!!!
Batman was originally a comic book superhero published by DC comics.
Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939)
Batman's true identity is Bruce Wayne, a Billionaire who was left an orphan when he was only a child
Throughout the span of time Batman has grown more popular and has been in countless comics,shows,movies, books, etc.

This is a large part of Batman, since most of his villains are insane, should they be considered to be people?
Many of them fulfill the criteria of a person, but many people believe that since they are insane and "out of their minds" Batman should just kill them and move on. Batman on the other hand tries to give all of his enemies human rights, life(by not killing them), food,shelter, and water (which is why the asylum was created). so although many citizens of Gotham would rather have all of them killed, Batman sees them as individual people with rights. Like Plato batman believes that everyone has their own place in society.
Batman and Plato believe in similar things:
Rules of truth and evidence
Social responsibility
That the government should be civil servants to the people- Harvey Dent
Like how Plato witnessed that failure of democracy Bruce also witnessed the fall of Gotham; a once proud city
Chance is Two face’s entire being
Instead of making the choice himself he just takes the less thought provoking path of Chance/luck
Ironically the coin was his father’s double sided coin
Two face has a dualist personality

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