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ICT Coalition presentation 2013

No description

Missing Children

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of ICT Coalition presentation 2013

Missing Children Europe
Working Together
Cooperation between LE, private sector & NGO's
1. Missing Children Europe
2. Working together:
Hotlines for missing children
- European Financial Coalition
3. Strategy 2014 - 2017
Working together: hotlines for missing children
Raising awareness
Practical guide
Strategy 2014 - 2017
- New President: Maud de Boer Buquicchio
- New Strategy:

European Federation for Missing & Sexually Exploited Children
To contribute to the development of effective and holistic
child protection
systems in order to:

children from going missing,

missing children and their families, and


from any risk of
violence, abuse or neglect
that may lead to or result from going missing.

European Federation
- 27 organisations
- 21 European countries
- Grassroots support in cases of missing / sexually exploited children.

- European hotline number for missing children

- Free emotional, psychological, social, legal & administrative help for parents & children
- 25 EU MS
+ Albania & Serbia
- Minimum quality standards
- Cross-border procedures
+ Contact booklet for hotlines
15 languages
Cooperation with LEA
Harmonised CRM
Monitoring & evaluation
Working together: the European Financial Coalition against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Online
Running from...
- Abuse
- Conflict, maltreatment
- Depression
- School problems
- 'Thrown out'
Running to...

- Rough sleeping (1/6)
- Begging or stealing (1/8)
- Being harmed (1/12)
Sexual exploitation
- Trafficking

Work Package 1: Operations
Work package 2: Analysis
Findings Strategic Assessment
- Commercial distribution persists (hidden net)

- Live streaming of abuse for payment

- Young people's sexualised content commercialised

- Search terms: "borderline" & "barely legal"

- Emerging markets Latin America

- Top countries / highest number of servers hosting commercial CAM: US, Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, NL, Ukraine, Germany

- 2012: 8 top level distributors responsible for 513 commercial CAM brands
Work package 3: Private sector support
Work package 4: Training
Work package 5:
Awareness & external relations
child protection system
Thank you
> delphine.moralis@missingchildreneurope.eu

> www.hotline116000.eu
> www.europeanfinancialcoalition.eu

> www.facebook.com/missingchildreneurope
> www.twitter.com/missingchildeu

With the support of the ISEC and Daphne Programmes of the European Commission
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