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Cave Diving

No description

sarah Davis

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Cave Diving

Reason 3: Finding Pressure Underwater
Reason 2: Oxygen Breathing Tanks
To be able to go down as far as cave divers do go, they need the correct amount of oxygen and nitrogen levels in the breathing tanks. This uses percents for each amount of gas (nitrogen, oxygen, ect.) that humans use to breath. If the percents are not correct, then the diver will not be able to breath.
Reason 1: Going Up To The Surface
Reason 4: Calculating Time Underwater
Reason 5: Calculating The Base Line For Scuba Cylinders
This is very important for planning with the gas in the tanks. The complicated equations help find the volume in the oxygen and other necessary breathing gasses.
Cave Diving
How Cave Divers Use Math
When diving the pressure underwater is a lot higher than it is on the surface, so when surfacing you have to calculate the points to stop and rest, using measurements of length. And when calculating you have to find the depth per minute to make sure you don't go up to fast, because your ears, breathing, and blood stream need to normalize to the pressure.
Time and the route underwater needs to be measured and planed out, because divers need to make sure that they have enough oxygen to get to their destination and get back to the surface in time. If it is not calculated then oxygen would run out, causing the diver to not be able to breath.
Different math equations that will tell you the total pressure underwater. This helps the diver find how deep (s)he may go until the pressure is to high.
Baseline= (Rated Volume)
----------- x 2 x 100
( Rated Pressure)
Pressure Underwater= (d)
-- +1
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